Monday, December 7, 2009

"Hearts and Minds" and Torturing Innocent Bystanders

There is a world where the scribblings of someone like Christie Belchforth Blatchford are meaningful. (It isn't my world. I haven't read her in like, forever. She's an idiot and a waste of my time.)

That's probably the same world where sending Canadian soldiers to fight and die for a corrupt puppet government seems like a good idea. The world where you claim to want to build a successful, functioning democracy but you spend 9/10ths of your money there on warfare and corruption (both domestic and foreign) takes away god knows how much of the remaining 1/10th.

A world where some people, as ministers in a government spending billions of dollars to (supposedly) build democracy, deliberately turn away at news that they might inadvertently be handing over innocent civilians to be tortured and perhaps killed.

When I hear news about this other world, I think that they're insane. I think that if I was the one who will eventually have the 200th Canadian soldier dead under my watch, that ONE innocent farmer being tortured and destroyed by the government my own soldiers are dying to protect would be ONE TOO MANY.

But that's just me. And the majority of Canadians. The ones who have been forced to endure this contemptible harpercon minority, brought to us by the most stupid, greedy, ignorant, deluded and perverted among the population, thanks to our archaic electoral system, our idiotic Governor General, and a debased political culture.

If we don't want to live in an insane world, we can do something about it.