Thursday, January 21, 2010

Democracy in Haiti Will Be Destroyed (and other stories)

It's sickening, and I can't really bring myself to read much about it. But the massive amounts of aid going to Haiti can be divided into two groups: 1) Real aid, sent by people genuinely concerned about the human suffering they're witnessing and 2) Bullshit "aid" sent by imperialists as a means of finally getting the 80-90% of the Haitian population that supports Lavalas to snap, surrender, and offer themselves up to neo-liberalism. As the world's first black republic, Haiti set a terrifying example to white racist imperialists at the time of its birth and it continues to inspire similar revulsion amongst those racists' great-great-great-great grandchildren. Under the guise of "aid" there will be thousands of troops (to shoot Haitians "looting" food and water from stores that have been abandoned, to feed themselves and others who are starving) and "aid"organizations to dole-out crumbs to those who will betray democracy, with even bigger crumbs for those who will actively work to hunt down its last die-hard adherents.

None of this will ever end unless the masses in the developed countries manage to overthrow the economic-political-media establishment that pursues these inhuman policies.

Case-in-point: The loss of Massachusetts's senate seat (held by the Democratic Kennedy clan for 46 years) to some airhead guy named Brown who once had (at least for a photo-shoot in the past, maybe he still has 'em) some manly pecs. A lot of people are blaming this on the arrogance and cluelessness of the Democratic candidate, Coakley as well as on Obama's betrayal of the constituency that brought him to power. CounterPunch even has an article "Why I Voted Republican in Massachusetts" which I'm not linking to, as I don't even plan to read it.

Seems like a pretty shit-headed thing to do. As angry and betrayed as I was by the Rae ONDP, I simply refrained from voting. I didn't support the goddamned enemy. If I was convinced the political system was hopeless, I'd advocate (quietly, or, underground and not on the internet) fomenting revolution. I'm not there yet. That's why I'll be at the Anti-Prorogation rallies. If the cool kids stay away, that's fine with me too. They can have their little discussion circles about how it's all a waste of time, and how they have to educate the masses, by having their discussion circles and reading their favourite free internet sites.


Sir Francis said...

Bullshit "aid" sent by imperialists...

As I say over at my place, Haiti is getting the kind of "aid" Massa used to give to a slave with a sprained ankle--just enough to fix him up and send him back into the fields.

Todd said...

Thwap said:

"how they have to educate the masses"