Monday, January 25, 2010

A Post About Patrick "Asshole" Ross

[Edited to Add: Patrick, in this post I'm asking for an apology from you necessary to sustain your commenting privileges here. You can read all about it! But I'm here attaching one further condition. Since I've mentioned "Canadian Cynic" ("CC") and your obsessive stalking of him, you'll probably make a comment about it and I'm going to ask you to not refer to him here by his real name. I think it's in bad, creepy taste, to out someone who chooses to blog anonymously and while CC's real identity is now public knowledge, I'm going to insist that you pay him the respect of referring to his online persona the way he would prefer it.]

I've been cursed for days with the sustained presence of right-wing doofus ("It's NOT a mullet!!!") Patrick "Asshole" Ross. I'm aware that I owe this displeasure as part of "Asshole's" childish vendetta against Canadian Cynic. C-C has tired of "Asshole's" stalking and trolling, which "Asshole" has expanded into a campaign of trolling on other sites friendly to C-C. C-C has declared that any other blogger who grants "Asshole" commenting privileges on their sites will not receive any links from him. "Asshole" apparently has no life, because he's found the time to comment on numerous blogs friendly to C-C in order to test his ultimatum. For all I know I'm one of the blogs that "Asshole" is pathetically crowing about at his own piece of shit blog.

The fact of the matter is that I never got many links from Canadian Cynic, so I can live without getting links from him. If C-C had said that anyone who allows comments from "Asshole" on their blog doesn't get to comment at "Canadian Cynic" that would be something else altogether. I consider the privilege of posting at "Canadian Cynic" infinitely more important than debating with a lying thug like "Asshole" and I would delete all of "Asshole's" comments entirely.

That having been said, it's also the case that I ban commentators who post and post and post the same old lies with the intention of attempting to outlast me in a typing marathon. And, "Asshole" if you keep that up, you will find yourself banned from this site, joining an illustrious gang of other pathetic idiots and liars.

Let's begin: In a response to commenter "no_blah_blah_blah" the "Asshole" writes:
The Liberals clearly didn't do that when they negotiated the original PTA [prisoner transfer agreement], and the Conservatives waited too long to adopt this approach for themselves.

The bulk of the blame lies with the Paul Martin government, but the Conservative government carries a share of the blame.

The key word being a "share" of the blame. Not "the blame", like Thwapsy would like to assign to them.

This is pathetic, desperate lying. As opposed to "Asshole's" distortion of things, have a look at what I said straight to the stupid mother-fucker in numerous replies to his incoherent, lying babbling:
And at the end of the day, both the Liberals (stupidly) and the harpercons (insanely) handed people over to jailers about whom there were long-standing, credible fears that they practised torture systemically.

You imbecile. I'd already conceded that the 2005 agreement had been a product of the Liberal government.

Neither the Liberals or the harpercons have covered themselves in glory here, but your team appears to be shitting its pants at the thought of having to have their behaviour investigated, whereas the Liberals feel confident enough to call for a public inquiry.

and (in response to "Asshole's" dishonest claim that he would welcome a genuine, non-partisan public inquiry):
If your team of idiots wasn't pissing in their pants at the thought of having their behaviour investigated they would have suggested something like that.

Given "Asshole's" claim that he'd welcome a non-partisan, objective inquiry into these issues, it's curious that the liar hasn't said anything about stephen harper's blatant obstruction of the Military Police Complaints Commission's work, no?
Let's continue:
Observation: Your criticisms of the Liberals are well taken. (Your insane gibberish about the NDP and the BQ being "war criminals" ain't.) I despise the Liberals. I also despise the harpercons.

It's time you grabbed a fucking clue: BOTH parties are run (and supported by) witless fools and assholes. The "mission" in Afghanistan was doomed to failure because the USA is run by corrupt corporate-imperialists, NATO is made up of the USA and a bunch of lick-spittles, and the UN is a cowed institution comprised of representatives of the world's biggest ego-maniacs.

You're such a contemptible oaf. You keep repeating the same goddamned thing every fucking time as if it matters.

I'm prepared to call both the Libs and the harpercons war criminals.

You, appear to be so wedded to your bankrupt ideology and your partisan interests that you're now blaming "the troops" for harper's failures.


Now, "Asshole," the choice is yours. You can either publicly apologize to me for having mischaracterized my position regarding the joint culpability of the Liberals and the harpercons, or you can forfeit your posting privileges here.

End of story.

Because for eight goddamned years, we've been told that "we're winning" in Afghanistan, when in fact we've been losing. We've been losing because our leaders don't really care about the people of Afghanistan. We've been losing because stupid, ignorant, cynical, cowardly people (Jean Chretien, Paul Martin, Rick Hillier, stephen harper, Peter MacKay, Gordon O'Connor, Lawrence Cannon, etc., etc., ad nauseum) have dragged us into Afghanistan, to prop-up a corrupt, incompetent, brutal, undemocratic puppet-government sustained by murdering, raping, thieving warlords.

The "government" of Afghanistan relies heavily upon the same warlord maniacs who tore the country apart over a decade ago, fighting for control after the Soviets left. The guy who runs the present Afghan prison system was the chief-jailer/torturer for the Soviet-backed Afghan regime. The bush II regime's cabinet discussed torture methods to be used in their bullshit "war on terror."

Anyone, ANYONE, who believes that there was a reason to give any of these groups the benefit of the doubt when it came to the handling of detainees would have to be an absolute moron. I'm sick and goddamned tired of having to "debate" with lying vermin like Patrick "Asshole" Ross whether or not the harpercons tried the best they could to meet their obligations under international law and to defend human rights.

Tell you what, "Asshole" ... if you publicly pressure the harpercons for a FULL PUBLIC INQUIRY into the treatment of our prisoners in Afghanistan, then I'll start to take you seriously.

For now though, you're just a stupid political hack, who cares more about protecting stephen harper from accountability then about the possibility that right now, there's a widow in Kandahar right now, going insane because her husband was taken from her years ago, never to return, and she has no means of supporting herself or her children.


deBeauxOs said...

Unfortunately Splatrick has been playing a number of Progressive Bloggers, including DAMMIT JANET! in the last week or so.

The obsessive/compulsive mullet-head has been plastering comments in his unmistakably doublethink style, imitating more often than not the writing style of his nemesis.

There's a weird psychotic melt-down happening there. But aside from not wanting to facilitate that pathetic display of likely syphilitic mental disease, Splatsy showed up at our blog, greased up for a fight and spewing his regular lies about feminism and pro-choice.

So we choose to abort his comments.

thwap said...

He's a pig, no doubt about it. But in this case, having clearly lied, if he isn't big enough to admit it and apologize, then he's gone for good.

Patrick Ross said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Dr.Dawg said...

Alas, Patsy is insane--or at least in the middle of an epic meltdown.

Tried his nonsense at my place. He's blocked, but he can see his comments, and thought we were having a public discussion. I toyed with him for a bit--editing his invisible comments and so on--but one gets tired of that.

Right off the deep end he is, and he should be banned, not out of any censorious impulses, but for his own good.

900ft Jesus said...

that's more than enough reason to ban him. He hasn't been at my place for a long time, but I have no problem refusing his comments, even if they at first seem mild. That's his game. Tries to sound somewhat reasonable so we feel it's unfair to block him, then spews his insanity.

No one should post even his mildest of comments. I doubt any accusations of muzzling are credible when it comes to him.

He's been granted far more courtesy than he deserves already. This is his doing, he had a choice.

Good post, BTW. I'm sick of both the Libs and Cons serving up our troops for political gain, to put money in the pockets of contractors then turning around and asking us to look away when they suffer.

And claiming it's all for the good of the people they are bringing yet more death to. We have no business being in Afghanistan, and the detainee issue should be fully investigated, Libs involvement included. I doubt more than a few sacrificial goats will ever be charged, though. System needs to change. These politicians...ok, that's enough for now, sorry.

thwap said...

"Asshole" sadly attempted to leave two comments of blustering desperation.

Everyone can see what you did "Asshole." You lied, you were called on it, and you refused to admit you were wrong.

ck said...

I've banned his comments over at my place too.

After reading that smut he wrote on your wall, I'm convinced more than ever I did the right thing.

I wonder which insane assylum he escaped from.

CC said...

900ft Jesus writes:

"He hasn't been at my place for a long time, but I have no problem refusing his comments, even if they at first seem mild. That's his game. Tries to sound somewhat reasonable so we feel it's unfair to block him, then spews his insanity."

That is precisely how Twatsy operates. He will show up, being all reasonable and thoughtful and lulling people into a false sense of sanity. Then, from out of nowhere, you get the savage smears and insults and screeching.

When people kick his ass out, he then whines about how no one is capable of handling his intellectual awesomeness and how progressives are such whiny babies. Some people get guilted into letting him back in, and the cycle begins again.

A warning, thwap -- Twatsy will be back. It doesn't matter how much he claims that he's washed his hands of you. You're on his shit list, and he will continue harassing you. It's how he operates.

You've been warned.

thwap said...

Well, I've just rejected desperate cry for attention number three from the lad.

Perhaps if he notifies the world that he pressured Jim Flaherty to call for a full public inquiry of ALL aspects of the prisoner transfer issue he'll partially redeem himself in my eyes.

I suspect that he won't though.

What's going to happen as far as I can predict is that I plan on taking a hack at the sea of rationalizations and delusions that he offered for harper's actions (I haven't read such a concentrated portion before) and then I'll ignore him entirely.

CC said...

Dear thwap:

What did I write?

"A warning, thwap -- Twatsy will be back. It doesn't matter how much he claims that he's washed his hands of you. You're on his shit list, and he will continue harassing you."

What happens next? He will now write a post at his own blog, excoriating you. He's entirely predictable.

And, yes, he'll be back.

thwap said...

Yeah, but I'll just delete his comments.

It's no big deal.