Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ignatieff Makes Sense: Coalition Possible

It's all over the "Prog-Blogs" site. Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff says that a coalition is entirely legitimate, and he'll consider one after the next election. (There will be no talk of the parties merging or an electoral arrangement.)

Fine. If another election produces another harpercon minority government, the Liberals and the NDP have all the evidence they need (blatant contempt and hatred for our system of government, all-brinkmanship-all-the-time legislation, abuses of power, etc.,) that stephen harper and his gang of idiots are not fit to govern. If Canadians find going to the polls such a tiresome bother, then they ought to take comfort from the fact that a sensible Liberal-NDP coalition, representing (as it would) a majority of the electorate, will provide more political stability than the harpercons with their constant games of legislative "chicken" and their deliberate provoking of one constitutional crisis after another.

There will be some pissing and moaning from the politically illiterate supporters of the harpercons; the same old bullshit about "coups" and "Canada's elected government" and all that crap, but besides the wailing of some sub-morons on the internet and occasional incoherent rants in newspaper letters, that will be about it.

Bye-bye harper. It was unpleasant knowing you.


Tom said...

Ignatieff said he is prepared to lead a coalition. He wants to be PM whatever.
Surely he should be prepared to be a member of a coalition under a mutually agreed leader if his target is just to defeat the Conservatives.

thwap said...

Well, I'm assuming that the Liberals would be the larger of the two coalition members. As leader, he'd be the head of the coalition.

That's the best our political system can do at the moment.