Monday, May 11, 2015

Niki Ashton vs Roxanne James

So, the RCMP referred to the peaceful "Idle No More" movement thusly;
“This Idle No More Movement is like bacteria, it has grown a life of its own all across this nation,” wrote Russett, in the Dec.24, 2012, document which was based on events as of noon that day and sent at 1:17 p.m. “It may be advisable for all to have contingency plans in place, as this is one issue that is not going to go away.”
 Here's the NDP's Niki Ashton asking for an apology from the Department of Public Safety.
 How about that harpercon, Roxanne James 'eh? In the face of continued malign neglect (decades of it, which only followed malign attention), the First Nations have to deal with the evisceration of environmental laws that protected their homelands, unilateral abrogations of treaties, federal interference in their education and governance, including intrusive, hypocritical scrutiny of their finances. As a result, they rallied around the banner of "Idle No More" and engaged in nation-wide, peaceful, drumming circles, flash mobs, marches and protests. They were inspiring to see.

The government, for its part, responded by ignoring them, to the acclaim of asshole trolls like John Ibbitson. Well, they didn't actually ignore them. Canada's national police force, the RCMP, kept an eye on the protests. In case they turned "violent." ("Violence" means a smashed window or something. It doesn't refer to the deaths due to lack of health care, or clean drinking water, or due to hopelessness of being confined to remote, unserviced reserves or leaving that for the sickening, soul-destroying racism of the settler society.)

As part of their surveillance of this peaceful human rights movement, an RCMP officer referred to Idle No More as a "bacteria, spreading across the country." When asked to apologize for this, Roxanne James can't process it. Somebody is insulting the RCMP who risk their lives every day blah, blah, blah.

Stupid whining baby. Four RCMP officers murdered Robert Dziekanski and then lied about what happened. One of them went on to kill someone else as a drunk driver. They completely mishandled the Picton case. They beat people up. They have abused the First Nations horribly. Their internal inquiries have shown them to be a toxic institution for female members. Now, certainly, they have done good work. Some of them are First Nations themselves and work to provide local justice. But the institution itself is not beyond reproach. Far from it. And the childish nonsense from Ms. James is just that; childish nonsense, that does nothing to address very real problems of racism, paranoia and oppression.

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