Saturday, May 30, 2015

Peter MacKay - Nothing

I have to say, I despise Andrew Coyne's Cro-magnon economic delusions. I think they're highly dangerous and self-evidently absurd. But I'm convinced that Coyne is a genuine defender of parliamentary democracy. I believe that if an NDP government were to be formed and began to implement policies half-way as left-wing as I'd like, that while he'd rant and rave and make predictions of doom that would fail, he would never consider advocating a coup. He would accept the outcome of the situation and rally behind a right-wing party to win back power fairly.

Because of all the excellent condemnations Coyne has written about harper's serial thuggery.

And I add this brilliant take-down of the simpering empty suit, Peter MacKay:
His career at the top of Canadian politics tells us more about the state of Canadian politics than anything else. That such a palpable cipher could have remained in high office for nearly a decade is a testament to many things: the thinness of the Tory front bench, the decline of cabinet, the prime minister’s cynicism, the media’s readiness to go along with the joke. The one thing it does not signify is his importance. He had all of the titles, but little influence, and less achievement.
As I've noticed while examining his performance at the C-51 hearings, he's just a bull-shitter of average abilities.  He's got the confidence that comes with privilege and the sense that he's too powerful to ever be held accountable. Nothing else.


Owen Gray said...

I agree wholeheartedly, thwap. Coyne's economic vision is questionable. But his critique of Mackay's performance is quite accurate.

thwap said...

He's not as thorough a critic of the harpercons as Michael Harris is, but he's much harsher i think.