Sunday, May 2, 2021

Biden's Bull-Shitting


What with Canada's dismal failure on the COVID-19 front, I'd ordinarily be loath to discuss US-American stuff. However, I've been working on a long post about our COVIDIOTS and the damage they are doing. It's taking a while. And, so, what I'm basically saying is that this post about US-American stuff isn't a sign that I'm being a typical complacent, self-satisfied Canadian, ignoring my own country's ills to focus on foreign shit.

Joe Biden is a career politician who (by his own admission) prostituted himself out to oligarchs. He was an advocate of cutting medicare and Social Security. He was an opponent of school integration. He's always been pro-imperialism. He was the architect of the racist crime bill and he also wrote the precursor to the Anti-Terrorism Act. He's subsidized and supported by powerful corporate criminals whose bidding he does. This has allowed him to win election after election despite being a dimbulb, pompous ass in love with the sound of his own voice and his delusions of intelligence.

There's been some praise for this shit-head, stammering his way into full-blown Alzheimers, and his State of the Union Address. Biden gave lip-service to all sorts of progressive policies. But Ted Rall has the skinny:

No one, Biden least of all, expects Congress to approve his big infrastructure or education packages. Recalcitrant Republicans and reluctant red-state Democrats like Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia will probably water the proposed $2.3 trillion infrastructure bill down to virtual under-$1-trillion insignificance. The $1.8 trillion education proposal, which would be funded by a capital-gains tax increase the GOP hates, is an even more desperate Hail Mary pass.

These bills aren’t serious attempts to legislate. Bidenism is a series of rhetorical feints, window dressing, kabuki theater designed to fail, just like Biden’s half-hearted dead-on-arrival attempt to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. Since the Senate parliamentarian ruled against attaching it to the stimulus package, increasing the minimum wage hasn’t been heard from again.

The president’s agenda isn’t really an FDR-scale new New Deal. His true goal is to silence his party’s restive progressive base with so much slobbering lip service they won’t know how to hate him.

So, Biden is just gaslighting you. Biden and his advisors have decided that progressives are so pathetic that they'll accept empty promises in lieu of legislative accomplishments.

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