Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Leftover Factoids From My Covidiot Safari


Not much really. In my last post I neglected to mention how the anti-masker/COVID-19 deniers referred to masks as "face diapers." Because ... well, it's pretty obvious why but it's also obvious that these people are revolting imbeciles.

Also, the main anti-masker I interacted with ... our conversation was interrupted by a woman who said she was a nurse working in an Edmonton hospital [I did a search of her name and found her contribution to an online Alberta nurse's newsletter from 2014 and a couple of other pieces of evidence] who said that there very much WAS a crisis in urban Albertan hospitals. (She also said that nurses spoke with each other all the time and that nurses in remote and/or rural areas spoke openly about unused ICU capacities at their locations. IOW she's aware that some places in Alberta are untouched by COVID.)]

The gregarious anti-masker contemptuously told her to continue to wear her masks then, like a sheeple, and that taking the [Bill Gates poison] vaccine would make her even more "safe."

The Alberta nurse said words to the effect of: "You've already made up your mind and talking to you appears to be a waste of time." And left.

Which is further evidence of the utter debasement of these assholes. 

It would be nice if the the mainstream media could act as a gatekeeper against raw stupidity. But Canada's mainstream media almost uniformly endorsed the murderously stupid and murderously evil stephen harper in the last election that that rancid tub of shit ran in.

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