Friday, July 30, 2021

The Last "First-Past-the-Post" Election


I shant be linking to it, but Liberal hack blogger "Montreal Shithead" has a post wherein he has conniptions about the NDP daring to be critical of his airhead dreamboat Justin Trudeau. At one point in his ridiculous ravings "Montreal Shithead" accuses the NDP of "splitting the progressive vote."

I took particular umbrage with that continued stupidity on Montreal Shithead's part and pushed-back against it in the comments. (I also said a few words about MS's laughable and nauseating self-righteousness and hypocrisy, listing a few of the disgusting Liberal Party of Canada's policies that MS can't seem to find the time to ever criticize.)

Let's look at the response so far:

Someone anonymous writes:

Nice work MS. You've hit the bulls-eye. How do I know? The amount of bile spewed is commensurate with the accuracy of your words. Thwap for example never addressed any of your points. He offered no rebuttal. All he could do was personally attack you.

Um, actually fuck-face, I addressed MS's champing at the bit for an election while COVID is still a danger AND I addressed MS's drivel about vote-splitting. And it isn't a "personal attack" to list the evil Liberal policies that MS refuses to address as he's a partisan hack.

Next, Montreal Shithead's supervisor from Liberal Party headquarters, the certifiably insane and sickeningly racist "Jackie Blue" pipes up:

@thwap -- It's not Trudeau's fault if NDP diehard cultists don't accept mathematical reality or their own role in hijacking the electoral reform committee for their own gain. Let it go already and stop holding a bitter grudge that you didn't get your Holy Grail prize from the Christmas wish list. The Liberals have accomplished a lot more -- heck, Trudeau has on his own -- than the NDP have in 70 years. Why don't you just pack up the circus tent already and give up the ghost. The NDP are useless for anything other than grandstanding with No Damn Plan and helping Cons get elected by attacking the wrong enemy. You're jealous because Trudeau has made the NDP irrelevant.

I knew the rose bros and their handful of handmaids would come after Chrystia Freeland with the same line of vile attacks leveled at Kamala Harris and Hillary Clinton. Brocialist swine, no wonder you lot ride Horgan's coattails while throwing Notley and Horwath under the bus and downplaying O'Toole's courting of so-con fetus fetishists. You torpedoed childcare in 2006, and you don't care if you do it again as long as the Liberals don't get to claim credit.

As for "Israeli barbarism" you guys are massive hypocrites. You talk a good game about the apartheid state, yet you want Canada to adopt the same system that kept Bibi in office for 12 years, and currently has a joke of a parliament where Bennett and Lapid are playing tag team musical chairs. Like I said I'm sure Singh would love such an arrangement, as it's the only way he'd get to play pretend prime minister in a position he's too immature to deserve.

Let's see if we can attach that word vomit to anything in the real world shall we? 

@thwap -- It's not Trudeau's fault if NDP diehard cultists don't accept mathematical reality or their own role in hijacking the electoral reform committee for their own gain. 

This is tricky. The imbecile appears to be saying something about "mathematical reality." What is she trying to refer to? The way FPTP doesn't give smaller parties the representation they (and their supporters) deserve based on their percentage of the vote? Or is she cheering this under-representation? Which would be stupid, because that would remind everyone that airhead Justin Trudeau had a FUCKING MAJORITY. Absolutely NOTHING the opposition did prevented airhead Justin Trudeau from keeping his promise and providing Canadians with a more democratic electoral system.

I don't know what Jackie Blue is referring to at all when she talks about the NDP "hijacking the electoral reform committee for their own gain." To "hijack" something is to take control of it. That didn't happen. It's probably unknowable what Jackie Blue meant because she's a raving lunatic asshole who spews out random assertions like a crazed COVID-denying conspiracy theorist when she's challenged.

Moving on, the shameless moron continued:

I knew the rose bros and their handful of handmaids would come after Chrystia Freeland with the same line of vile attacks leveled at Kamala Harris and Hillary Clinton. Brocialist swine

Crystia Freeland's maternal grandfather was a fascist who ran an anti-Semitic newspaper for Adolph Hitler. When this TRUE FACT is mentioned, the shameless corporate stooge shrieks about "Russian disinformation" like the scumbag she is. It would be unfair to bring up the revolting behaviour of Freeland's grandfather were it not for the fact that the lady herself is at present playing footsie with Brazilan fascist Jair Bolsonaro. She's rooting for the fascists in the government of her ancestral Ukraine. She's a disgusting, hypocritical groupie for corrupt, murderous authoritarians throughout Latin America. 

Kamala Harris is a psychopathic servant of the USA's corrupt ruling classes. She's a shameless hypocrite. She'll keep poor people in prison past their release dates, harrass parents of poor children who go truant, while she declines to prosecute wealthy criminals. She cried crocodile tears for asylum seekers (people fleeing brutal governments and destroyed economies created by bipartisan USA foreign policy) when she's campaigning against Donald Trump, but once in power she changes her tune and tells desperate people to stay in their US-created hell-holes.

And Hillary Clinton is a corrupt, insane war-monger, anti-democratic piece of filth who needs no introduction.

Jackie Blue, being a vomit-brained human failure tries to do her best to discredit feminism by claiming that any criticism of these individuals is misogny because all three of them have vaginas. That's it. That's the sum of Jackie Blue's feminism. A person can take money from the private health insurance industry, condemn tens of thousands to death and hundreds of thousands more to bankruptcy, call for war and more war, and get herself rich in the process, but if they have a vagina, you can't criticize them.

Thank Christ that Jackie Blue is an unremarkable piece of garbage with zero influence outside of the comments section of fading star Montreal Shithead and her influence as to how society will think of feminism is practically non-existent.

Lastly, Jackie Blue bizarrely equates proportional representation with Israel's brutal treatment of the Palestinians. Because she's stupid and incapable of sustained mental effort. She's also brutally anti-empathetic, with no grasp whatsoever of the bases of human morality. This worm-brained loser doesn't even know why Israel's apartheid system and murderous racism is a bad thing. That's why she spewed the ridiculous drivel that she did. What a stinking turd!

Lastly, some other anonymous nothing returns to the subject of the NDP's role in Airhead Trudeau's decision to betray the electorate on electoral reform:

For the edification of Thwap. It was the NDP who scuttled electoral reform. They teamed up with the Cons in demanding a referendum. 

No. Again (you stupid, shameless Liberal hacks): Airhead Trudeau had a HUGE MAJORITY. There was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING stopping Justin Trudeau from passing electoral reform. NOTHING.

No matter how many times you assholes shamelessly lie, it will never change the fact that Justin Trudeau's majority nullified the power of the opposition parties to do anything to stop him from implementing electoral reform. You can repeat this stupid lie over and over about the NDP wanting a referendum somehow tied Airhead Trudeau's hands, but it will never be true.

Deep down, I'm sure that Montreal Shithead realizes he's become a disgusting travesty. There's probably a little thing in the pit of his stomach that gives him trouble sometimes as he tries to keep it down in his service to a corrupt political party. Jackie Blue on the other hand is (as I said) certifiably insane. She has no grasp of right or wrong and even less capability at constructing a coherent worldview. She's like a machine, a wind-up machine, who yammers whatever catchphrases have been installed into her, and she thinks she's having what normal people call a debate. 

Un-fuck the two of those fucking losers now and forever.


zoombats said...

Well said Thwap. I saw a few days back that he is becoming so out of toucs that he was posting 2 year old post by Dissaffected relating to some "gay thing and then got around to the Trudeau hating line. This guy is so far up JT's ass that he can't see daylight. I seem to remember that he had the same affliction for Jack Layton and we all remember how he worked with Harper to give us years of heart ache and MS a lot of hate mongering on Harper. I would have felt that he would have had some animosity for the "Running Dog" when he sold us all up the river with electoral reform. I have never forgotten it and never will. I'm surprised he even allowed your post.

thwap said...


What really set me off was the hypocritical mewling about vote-splitting. I don't follow Canadian politics too deeply, so there might be some truth in some of his accusations about Singh and the NDP. Of course, MS delivers all of his information in a crazed, hyperbolic manner which makes it sound fucked-up regardless.

Also, as I said, MS is pretty transparent about how he's testing the waters for whether the Liberals should self-servingly call an early election. Which would be highly irresponsible.

It's the snivelling self-righteousness, both his and Jackie Fuckwad's. Plus Jackie Fuckwad's disgusting racism and insanity.

Simon probably allowed my comment so that he could laughably accuse me of trying to "intimidate" him. :>

Anonymous said...

MS is real coming down on you. You make valid points and his fluffing for Justin, as you once said, shouldn’t be allowed to stand.

As for Jackie? She’s a nut.

thwap said...

MS is a joke. Who cares how he criticizes me? Yeah. Like Ibbitson with harper, MS is a fluffer for Justin.

I haven't communicated the half of my loathing of that Jackie monster.

Anonymous said...

Oh I agree. But I think you should write about her. She’s a nut and people need to see that.

thwap said...


I read and posted your comment early in the morning before work. Re-reading it I feel compelled to tell you that I'm one of those people who blames Paul Martin for the election that brought us harper.

Paul Martin was asked to stop hacking away at the national public healthcare and he refused to. Martin would rather have his belated national public daycare and his Kelowna Accord be lost than to spend more on healthcare.

I see it as more Liberal snivelling and hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

The mask well and truly came off Montreal Simon's face the minute Jody Wilson Raybould was expelled from caucus.

thwap said...

"... and he's willing to extend every benefit of the doubt to Trudeau and his government. Meanwhile, some statements from Liberal-friendly lawyers that Wilson-Raybould was an incompetent and erratic AG are treated almost as Holy Writ."


He's terrible but the racist lunatic "Jackie Blue" has been even worse.

Anonymous said...

Jackie Blue even admits crying when ever the polls even slightly move in another direction. Nut case.