Sunday, October 17, 2021

Venting About Stupid People


I'm typing with STONER ROCK blaring from my headphones to drown out the incessant yapping and screeching of my stupid neighbours' tiny lapdog/toy something or other. (These fucking morons leave this miniature monstrosity out in their backyard for half-an-hour at a time and it yaps and screeches insanely at the world almost the entire time. Furthermore, these dipshits have had the fucking thing outside before 7 am and after midnight on several occasions. [How anyone who can hold down a job can be so fucking stupid as to need it explained to them that such behaviour is unacceptable is beyond my ability to comprehend.])

While I'm on the subject of stupid neighbours with stupid fucking dogs, I'll also mention this other guy. He lives kitty-corner to me. (The assholes with the miniature monstrosity are my next-door neighbours.) This fuckhead has had two Bernese Mountain dogs for over ten years that I know of. (When one dies he buys a replacement.) He lives on the corner at the end of a street with a large dog park at the other end of it. So lots of people and their dogs walk past his house. It's a huge, three-story house and it's just this old fucker and his two dogs. I've been told he's a lawyer of some sort. He doesn't appear to work too hard. He's always home and able to dick around with his stupid dogs for hours at a time. I suspect his parents were rich [based on various clues over the years] and his law degree and whatever work he does came from the privileges associated with such an upbringing.

Anyhoooo ... everytime a dog walks past his house, the two stupid dogs of his bark excitedly. I'm pretty sure they're not angry. Because they act friendly to those dogs that stop at the short fence to sniff noses. But barking sounds angry. Some dogs react negatively to these two big dogs barking at them. And bark back angrily and snarling. Which sets them off and you can sense the change in tone. You have to realize that the stupid asshole owner of these shithead dogs leaves his goddamned front door open from late April to whenever in October or November (thanks to global warming) it finally becomes too cold to do so. Which means as soon as his dogs sense another dog walking past the house they charge out the front door barking like the stupid animals that they are.

You also have to realize that there's a large brick building across the street from this guy and at the back of it there's a large house with a big metal garage door situated such as to magnify and reflect the noise of all these barking dogs. All fucking day from way too early in the morning until well after ten at night. Sometimes it's approaching 11 pm before this asshole has the brains (which my next-door neighbours do not possesss) to bring the beasts inside and close his fucking door.

You also ALSO have to realize that this rich, privileged, lazy asshole supports every right-wing political candidate every election. He has a corner lot, so his lengthy wooden fence blares out support for Rob Ford, Doug Ford, etc., ... whatever vapid ignoramus either the Ontario PC's or the federal Conservatives have puked up for election. (I've always wondered how much he's blamed Kathleen Wynne and the Ontario Liberals for his high heating bills while conveniently forgetting that he leaves his front door open for two-thirds of the year.)

But anyways, I didn't start this post to bitch about my neighbours' dogs. I wanted to post about the vast numbers of stupid people who are ensuring that the pandemic of COVID-19 lasts longer and longer and the even vaster numbers of folks who will ensure that Global Heating will destroy our civilization.

First off: The Pandemic. Let's pause for a second to commemorate all those dunces who wear a mask but leave their noses uncovered. The people who have managed to grasp that there's a respiratory virus going around but who haven't quite mastered the concept of BREATHING. (Thinking about this nightmarish subject got me thinking about these poor fools walking down a flight of stairs. Walking down a flight of stairs isn't as automatic as breathing (we breath automatically at birth but as toddlers we need to learn how to navigate staris) but after we've mastered it we don't think about it. Sadly, I see on a daily basis that people obviously know how to breath but they don't understand it intellectually. They don't understand that they do most of their breathing through their noses. 

It's literally terrifying, the amount of absolute ignorance that's out there! There's a RESPIRATORY virus out there. You breathe it in and it infects you and when you breathe out you breathe out particles (or whatever) of the virus.  This is how things "go viral" on the internet. So many functioning adults haven't figured out that they breath out of their noses. They don't understand "respiratory" or "respiratory virus." They really don't! They've got their masks nicely covering their mouths (as opposed to those with the mask under the chin, ready to be pulled up if somebody gives them grief about not wearing a mask) but their noses remain merrily naked. 

Now, at the age of 45 it turned out that I needed reading glasses. And I like to read. And I have long commutes on public transit which force me to read (rather than sit in place, blissfully thinking about nothing, living in the moment, like an animal) and my masks make my glasses fog up. Which is frustrating. But recently I saw a guy in the liquor store with the mask over his mouth but not his nose and he wasn't wearing glasses. He must have his nose uncovered because he's noticed that the mask interferes somewhat with what he's used to as the completely effortless problem of breathing. You know, he feels the heat, smells something, notices things aren't as easy as they were without a mask, and so leaves his nose uncovered. Thus revealing that he's a complete, total, utter shithead who should be shot and pissed on.

And then there's these stupid, pompous assholes, ... these anti-Vaxxers and COVID-deniers, who bizzarely imagine that they're unusually intelligent people with mental capabilities far beyond the ken of normal men. Recently I put up a post about treating the virus and its resultant pandemic as real things when discussing issues of vaccine mandates and etcetera. In it, I mentioned my own personal witnessing of co-workers getting sick from the virus; I mentioned the numerous anti-vaxx activists who succumbed to the virus (with a few of them recanting their denialist views before dying); I mentioned (for my center-left, "progressive" readers who have managed to convince themselves that the laptop with photos of Hunter Biden jerking off and having sex was fabricated by Vladimir Putin) the readily available sources (some from the US government's own National Institute of Health) about how Ivermectin is very much a possible treatment for COVID-19.

After all that, some pompous fuckwad had the unmitigated gall to post the following as a comment:

What IS real are your delusions. The ONLY question is... ARE you willing to face your delusions??

The saying goes “SEEK the truth and you shall find it” –and NOT that you find the truth by passively ACCEPTING what authorities tell you is the “truth” like herd animals unthinkingly obey their shepherds' orders. Yet almost nobody ACTIVELY SEEKS the truth, they only PASSIVELY ACCEPT as “truth” what the authorities tell them and so become UNthinking members of "herd stupidity."

Do YOU actually SEEK the truth or are you a mindless member of "herd stupidity"?


You can ONLY see the official lies IF you SEEK the truth.... it means you must LOOK "behind the curtain" -- behind the official narratives. IF.... YOU start to do THAT you'll recognize your PRESENT delusions and it will come down to this...

"When people who are honestly mistaken learn the truth, they will either cease being mistaken, or cease being honest!"

I replied to the freak that they should read my post again, specifically the part about people at my workplace becoming sick from COVID and having family members die from it. But today it occurred to me that the imbecile also didn't bother to engage with the FACT that many vocal anti-vaxxer/COVID-deniers have ended up in the hospital, with some of them dying, from the same virus they claimed was a hoax. The loser also didn't comment on the FACT that I demonstrated an open mind about ivermectin. None of that mattered to the shithead. All they did was type a string of empty assertions about my being a deluded sheep.

It's like that time I tried to debate COVID-deniers on ZookerBook. I asked a woman WHY the corporate owners of nursing home chains would go along with the fraud of saying their clients were getting sick and, .... well, now that I think of it, .... according to the mainstream news, a lot of elderly people died in the first wave of the pandemic. Do these COVID-deniers claim that those deaths didn't happen? Regardless, the whole crisis exposed the terrible living conditions in for-profit nursing homes as well as the exploitative working conditions of their staffs. Did these corporate for-profit nursing home owners go along with a fake pandemic crisis, fake deaths, only to suffer needless embarrassment, all on behalf of service to a propaganda exercise, a "PLAN-demic"? I never got even an attempt at an answer from them.

These morons can spend all the time they want reading about topics they have no ability to comprehend and memorizing random factoids and fake factoids from dubious sources, but unless and until they explain how doctors could fail to protest surgeries cancelled for no reason, and nursing homes being exposed as hell-holes for a fake crisis, and right-wing celebrities and anti-vaxxers dying from the virus that isn't a threat, ... they can shove their alternative news sites up their stinking assholes.

And, finally, it's mid-October and until a couple of days ago it was t-shirt weather here in Toronto. Walking outside at 1am I had to take my hoodie off because it was too warm. And our politicians (whose leaders are all around my age and have therefore witnessed the consistent warming of Canada the same way I have) continue to mouth platitudes about reducing carbon emmissions. I see the streets filled with gas-guzzling SUVs. And ordinary dipshits continue to cheerfully announce how "beautiful" the weather is, oblivious to the ominous reasons for why it's so warm in October.

I'm sorry. But if you're a functioning adult and you've failed to register the reality of global warming into your consciousness, then you're somewhat contemptible. You haven't noticed the news for the PAST 25 YEARS [!!!!] that (whatever we can say about the quality of the reporting) has been mentioning this world-threatening danger? The theory that explains WHY it's so warm in October? You'd think that at least at some point in a quarter-century they'd notice something! Especially when there's now talk of carbon taxes. When there are programs for retro-fitting homes. There's no good excuse for any normal adult human to not be cognizant of the threat of global warming. There's just the REASON for this tragedy: That the average intelligence of the human race is not sufficient to prevent us from destroying ourselves. The vast majority of humans might be nice people. But we appear to be too shallow and distracted and lost in the here-and-now of the present moment ("I'm hungry/horny/busy/confused/angry/etc.") to be able to hold complex ideas in our heads or bring them to mind to answer questions.

And my impatience with airheads who fail to register the existence, let alone the danger, of global warming is the same as my impatience with COVID-denying/anti-maskers/anti-vaxxers who rage impotently against reality as it's killing either them or their loved ones. Whatever reasons you might have for not trusting "elites" are insufficient to redeem you from your insane denial of reality. The fact that it's mainly YOU shit-heads who are making this whole goddamned pandemic last longer is the clincher for my hatred of you. I hate you because your enormous stupidity makes my life worse.


Anonymous said...

The left is playing chess, but the right are just a bunch of pidgeons shitting on everything. The left is definitely smarter, but it doesn't matter how brilliantly the left plays chess. The pidgeon is just going to knock over pieces and shit all over the board.

thwap said...

There is stupidity on the left. But on the whole I think it's less than that which exists on the right. Because racism, sexism, war-mongering, destroying the environment, etc., etc., are right-wing values and they are all bad things.

Anonymous said...

If there is stupidity on the left, it comes from a good place. When there is intelligence on the right, the cruelty is the point.

thwap said...

lotta truth in that.