Friday, January 13, 2023

F-35's, Outside Consultants, and Capitalism


So all of the outrage about the expensive white elephan F-35 fighter jets that the Liberals engaged in when it was the harpercons lying and hiding turns out to have been just for show.  (Not surprised.  Just pointing it out.)

Also, recently, I saw the pea-brained parasite Pierre Poilievre yammering about the Liberals having hired the scumbags from McKinsey to do nothing for tons of public dollars.  Poilievre conveniently forgets how his harpercon crew were unprecedented in hiring outside consultants (generally friends of the party) for government work.

It's the same phoney outrage all the time.  It's the nature of capitalist pseudo-democracy.  The oligarchy always gets its demands.  The two parties play-act outrage when they're in opposition and wounded innocence when they're in power.  

And when the NDP becomes the contender at the provincial level (British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba) they become almost indistinguishable from other provinces' Liberal parties (with a few differences here and there).

Nothing will change so long as our society is ruled by a philosophy that puts profits over people and democracy.


Purple library guy said...

Say, this is only tangentially related, but it just occurred to me that North Korea must have switched off its dangerousness at some point a couple years ago. Like, for a long time the media was constantly telling us how totally dangerous North Korea was and how vitally important it was that the US do whatever counterproductive thing it was doing about that and so on.

And then they just disappeared. Nobody's mentioned NK in the news for ages. Obviously it couldn't be that NK was never particularly dangerous to anyone and the news and US politicians were just being totally cynical the whole time, so it must be that Kim Jong Un at some point flipped the dangerous switch to "off" and NK instantly stopped being newsworthy. I wonder if he'll ever flip the switch back to "on" again.

thwap said...


I recall hearing that SK's right-wing president is disgusted with Joe Biden. So I think there's little chance of any joint actions there. That might have something to do with it.

I read recently that the reason NK has a nuclear weapons program is because the joint US-SK military exercises (which could always become an actual attack) always took place around the harvest time when NK's troops were needed in the fields. Which meant that the military exercises would contribute to national hunger. So NK opted for a nuclear deterrent over a conventional one.

Which isn't to praise the management of the NK economy or anything. Just something I hadn't heard about before this year.

Meanwhile the sanctions don't seem to have let up and people are starving to death.