Friday, March 3, 2023

Two Sets of Shit-Heads


So, the Liberal Party propagandist hardly blogs anymore and I hardly read what  he has to say.  But today I saw the title of his latest post at The Galloping Beaver's blog-roll and it was about the detestable Pierre Poilievre and his "Nazi Nightmare."  My loathing for Poilievre is such that I was prepared to read a Liberal hack going to town on him.  (That being said, I was prepared to be disappointed and even disgusted by what I was about to read.)

It started off with Poilievre's cowardice in confronting the fact that a bunch of his MP's were hob-nobbing with European racist Christine Anderson.  When asked about this Poilievre simply walked away from the microphone.  He knows that this woman's views are unpopular with the majority of the electorate.  But, as Liberal hack quotes The National Observer's Max Fawcett, if Poilievere criticizes his drooling imbecile MP's he risks driving them into the arms of the drooling imbecile Maxime Bernier's quasi-fascist People's Party of Canada.

Anderson became popular among Canadian right-wingers when she tweeted her enthusiastic support for the drooling imbecile "Freedom Convoy."  She became a bit of a celebrity as these stupid yahoos picked up on her racist hatred of immigrants and her shit-for-brains denial of global warming.  [I myself have some problems with how the Trudeau Liberals handled the pandemic and how liberals in general willfully call for censorship of social media and fall-in behind every neo-liberal decision.  But COVID-deniers/anti-Vaxxers are idiots.  When I tell them that I have seen the carnage of COVID-19 with my own eyes and have had COVID twice already these pompous asses continue to tell me to deny my own experience and listen to their delusional conspiracy theories.  (Even after some of them get COVID themselves and suffer far more than I did because they refused to get vaxxed.)]

Then Liberal hack's post went into bizarro-land.  The majority of the "Freedom Convoy" movement and the vast majority of its leadership are far-right, nazi-adjacent scum.  Recently, our air-head figurehead prime minister Justin Trudeau was attending a rally commeorating the first year of the hideous NATO proxy-war against Russia in the Ukraine.  While he was making some stupid speech, one of those far-right "Freedom Convoy" shit-heads started heckling him about his own issues.  This got our air-head figurehead prime minister's dander up.  He yelled back at the guy that the rally that night was for Ukraine and not for the heckler.

This caused Liberal hack to swoon and babble nonsense about Bellamy and his ilk being nazis and how Canada has always stood up to fascists with some of us having died in World War Two fighting them.  Liberal hack also included in his stupid post a few morsels of "Vladimir Putin is the Greatest Threat to Democracy and All That is Good & True" propaganda.

To remind y'all: "Russiagate" was bullshit.  Putin was not paying the Taliban for the scalps of US soldiers in Afghanistan.  The Hunter Biden laptop story wasn't "Russian disinformation."  Vladimir Putin is a right-wing, authoritarian Russian politician.  He isn't my cup of tea.  Neither is Saudi Arabia's Clown-Prince Bonesaw.  Clown-Prince Boneswaw is a US ally and Canada sells him weapons.  Because Clown-Prince Bonesaw's country used to do the USA's bidding almost entirely.  Russia, being much more powerful than Saudi Arabia, has no intention of being a servant of the US empire.  Russia (personified as Vladimiar Putin) is being attacked for the same reason that China is being attacked.  Both of these countries are too powerful to have to submit to US dominance.  That's it.

This war in the Ukraine would never have happened but for the US-engineered coup and the USA's subsequent installation of Ukrainian Banderite nazis in positions of power there.  Nazis are idiots in the same way that Islamic fundamentalist terrorists are idiots.  The USA used Jihaadist nutbars to work its will in Libya and Syria (causing massive death and destruction) and it is using nazi scum in the Ukraine.  Because idiots like that are the only people violent and stupid enough to think killing people and dying for doomed, stupid causes is a good idea.  (Putin himself supports far-right/fascist adjacent political movements in Europe because he's a right-wing authoritarian.  They're his kind of people.  Just not anti-Russian far-right, racist fascists.  Because he's Russian.)

So that's where we are in Canada.  The two dominant narratives are the Liberals cynically supporting fascists in Ukraine to start and continue a war that their country's non-fascist majority didn't want, and which is leading to their country's absolute destruction, while they are criticized by Canadian fascist imbeciles for their semi-sane, half-assed response to a pandemic (which these Canadian fascists stupidly deny) and their almost non-existent response to global warming (which these Canadian fascist idiots also stupidly deny.)

Two sets of shit-heads.

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