Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Saw a Few Minutes of Question Period Today


It was inspiring.  Genuine Canadian democracy in action.  Slime-ball shit-head Pierre Poillievre was castigating the government for its deficit-spending "adding fuel to the inflationary fire."  (Slimey Shit-head repeated that metaphor a few times during the back-and-forth.)

Deputy Prime Minister Crystia Freeland, the corporate tool/imperialist lackey with the Nazi grand-pappy, replied that the inflation rate is going down.  At one point during the exchange she mocked Poillievre for his crypto-currency fetish, as well as for his wish to fire "the independent Bank of Canada Governor."

Both of these stupid assholes were just going through the usual Liberal-Conservative pantomime of arrogant dismissal when in power and enraged disgust when in opposition.

The reality is that Poillievre served under stephen harper.  Among other things harper let deficits explode with his stupid tax-cuts.  Poillievre himself was involved in the naked vote-buying scheme of an increase in the child tax credit (which he conducted with disgusting partisan prejudice).

Today in Question Period he mentioned higher mortgage payments without specifically mentioning the moronic high interest rate anti-inflation policies of our brain-dead Bank of Canada Governor (whoever the fuck it is now).  Because when push comes to shove, Poillievre probably agrees that it's better to kill the economy and throw workers into unemployment (and destroy whatever small businesses are collateral damage) rather than regulate oligarchies' ability to price-gouge and profiteer.  Poillievre is nothing but a hypocritical sneering weasel.

And Freeland, besides cheering on the destruction of her ancestral homeland because she's an ignorant, deluded lickspittle to whatever monsters are ruling in Washington D.C. is similarly incapable of dealing rationally with the economic crisis.  The vaunted independence of Bank of Canada governors from DEMOCRATIC OVERSIGHT is a disgrace.  These idiots have been demonstrating that for decades.  Their allegiance to stupid monetary policies based on wholesale destruction of ordinary people's well-being should be challenged.  These people are our class enemies, plus they're imbeciles.

Lucky for Freeland, Poillievre is no effortlessly nauseating based on personality alone that she comes out of this one on top.


trevorus said...

Yeah, they're both disgusting pieces of dogshit. If there's any rockets headed on a one way trip into the sun, they should both get 3rd class tickets and stuffed in the septic tank where they belong for the journey. The future looks bleak if this is the best that Canadian parliament has to offer.

thwap said...


The future is going to be very bleak indeed. We're doomed.