Saturday, September 23, 2023

A Pleasant Surprise


Just have to say that I'm pleasantly surprised to hear that Doug Fraud has been moved to do the only act of practical importance (guilty parties resigning from government to cash-in in the private sector, "heartfelt" apologies from Fraud and his subordinates, promises to never do it again, etc., are worthless) and cancel the land deals in the Greenbelt.

I didn't think this would happen.  Now I have two theories for why this is happening.  The first is that the Fraud government's behaviour in this scandal has been so brazenly criminal that our official legal system (which managed to countenance the serial crimes of the harper government ON TOP of the usual establishment shenanigans of corruption) told Fraud that THIS TIME it wasn't going to happen.  Alternatively, the fact of the matter is that Doug Fraud, besides being a stupid, stupid, man, is also incredibly insecure and emotionally needy.  Almost everywhere he goes he either gets a frosty reception or a hostile one.  And it tears him apart emotionally.

Either way, this is one of those rare moments when I allow myself to think it isn't entirely futile.


zoombats said...

Agreed on the points stated but I have to think that not one person believed the houses proposed would have alleviated the housing crisis or been affordable. Affordable in this country would be a shack for a couple of hundred grand or more than likely, non existent.

thwap said...


There wouldn't be any affordable housing out there because nobody who needs affordable housing would have access to public transit, especially to get to jobs. (Which aren't going to be located beside the mega-mansions and expensive condos that would constitute the bulk of the construction out there.)

This is how these conservative fucks pretend to care about ordinary shlubs. Poilievre's "housing plan" consists of penalizing municipalities that attempt to regulate real-estate developers, and if they play along and give the developers everything they want, he says he'll give them financial assistance for the roads, sewers, etc., that they'll subsequently have to pay for.

Within that stupid scheme there are no provisions for compelling developers to build genuinely affordable housing.