Monday, September 18, 2023

"Ukraine's Got Talent" from 14 Years ago

 The other day I remembered watching this winning performance on the Ukrainian version of the "[Country-X's] Got Talent."  Kseniya Simonova tells a story in sand on an illuminated table that is projected for the audience.  It's a story of two young lovers separated by war.  Ukraine had suffered many tragedies in the 20th Century, from the bloody chaos of the Civil War, to Stalin's terror-famine (the Holdomor) and the Second World War.

I remember at the time being affected by the story-telling, but also by the audience's reaction.  Particularly this well-dressed middle-aged woman dabbing her tears.  Everyone in Ukraine has (I'll bet) memories of a family member who was lost to those maelstroms.  Entire societies can be traumatized, and the pain of the affected generation is often visited upon subsequent generations.

And now, thanks to deluded, arrogant, psychopathic US shit-heads, the Ukrainians are suffering another tragedy.  Most serious analysts estimate Ukrainian war dead at 400,000.  (Russia's dead are estimated at 70,000.)  The USA imposed on Russia what it would not tolerate for itself.  This war and all its dead is the responsibility of the "Forever Wars" crowd currently working through the doddering Joseph Biden.  They sought to do to Russia and Putin what they did Libya and Qaddafi. Putin tried to avoid this war.  He tried diplomacy.  NATO ignored him.  In so doing, NATO pursued the course that has led to millions of refugees, 400,000 soldiers killed and god knows how many more (definitely over a million) wounded, perhaps maimed for life.

US-Americans went on for decades of how THEY were traumatized by the Vietnam War.  Their total casualties over almost a decade were less than 60,000 killed.  The memorial to their dead is a fittingly stark and sober one.  But remember: Ukraine has lost more than SIX TIMES that number in two years.  From a smaller population. 

Putin tried diplomacy.  NATO ignored him.  European leaders admitted that they bargained in bad faith in the Minsk I and II negotiations.  They were simply playing for time to build up Ukraine's military.  Pro-war US writers talk about how cheap this war on Russia is for them.  They're benefitting US weapons makers.  And there's been officially no cost in US-American lives (aside from mercenaries and volunteers).  Because US-American lives are supposedly more precious and important than Ukrainian lives.

Ukraine's counter-offensive was doomed to fail because of inadequate air support.  (At the beginning of World War II, France had better tanks than the Germans but the Battle of Montcornet was ultimately lost due to German superiority in air power and artillery. It doesn't at all surprise me that NATO tanks and fighting vehicles are getting destroyed by Russian artillery and missiles.)  This is the sort of stupid thing that US military planners are always doing.  Build up the Afghan army on paper by pushing men through a fraudulent training process and then being surprised when it evaporates before the Taliban.  Which reminds me: Recent estimates of excess deaths caused by the USA's "War on Terror" stand at 4.5 MILLION.  But we're supposed to believe that the blood-soaked, psychopathic monsters in Washington care about Ukrainian's freedom and democracy?

When these hypocrites and scumbags like Blinken and Biden rebuffed Putin's attempts at diplomacy, this is what they must have known would be the result.  That's why they installed nazi shit-heads at the control of the Ukrainian government.  Nazis, being shit-heads, will do stupid things for stupid reasons.  Just like Jihaadists do.  Normal people in Ukraine wanted peace and they voted for Zelensky as a peace candidate.  The nazis said they'd hang Zelensky from a tree if he pursued peace.  

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