Thursday, December 7, 2023

Precious Liberals


As I've said elsewhere on this blog, I go to the Democratic Party cult-site "Daily Kos" for the comics. ("This Modern World," "Tom the Dancing Bug" and Jen Sorenson.  I haven't seen Brian McFadden in a while though.)  These stupid liberals have a regular page called "Russian Stuff Blowing Up" wherein they talk about real and imagined Russian losses in the war against Ukraine.  Because like good Democratic Party zombies they believe that Russia's invasion was unprovoked and that their glorious leader President Biden is helping Ukraine defend itself and its people and its democratic traditions because that's just the kind of awesome-sauce dude that Joe Biden is.

I could continue to explain why that's totally fucking stupid but I won't because I want to point out that their newest stupidity is that some of those idiots have taken to writing about Gaza as if, as US-Americans who fanatically support one of the two pro-Zionist ruling parties, in their case, the party of President Biden who is shipping weapons to Israel and doing everything he can to support Israel's GENOCIDE of the Palestinians, that they are anything but contributors to the nightmare.

Some of them pretend to be concerned about the slaughter while others (being more consistent in their partisan scuzziness) continue to find excuses for Israel while being completely blind or indifferent to how their excuses expose the hypocrisy of their condemnations of Hamas.

Because liberals are disgusting.  Conservatives are disgusting too, in their violent, fearful, paranoid lashing out.  But liberals are disgusting in their titanic hypocrisy and their nauseating sense of entitlement for praise for their empthy platitudes and their embarrasingly incoherent and ignorant analysis.

There's a reason that Canada's official policy is pro-genocide.  It's because, like Israel, we're a settler society.  We're stealing land and resources.  We aren't launching military raids or mass bombardments because we don't have to.  White people with swords, muskets and artillery imposed themselves upon the Stone-Age cultures of North America in the 16th Century and we've been immigrating here and having babies here for the subsequent four centuries.

But even with our vastly superior numbers and resources (stolen from them) we still get very defensive if they complain about our racist policies and behaviour.  Our police abuse them.  Our hospitals abuse them.  Our social workers abuse them.  Federal  bureaucrats abuse them.  When they go on a hunger-strike our "respectable" press calls it an act of terrorism.  When they blockade a railway ordinary Canucks call for the military to sweep them into prison.  When they protest oil or gas pipelines going through their territories we send the RCMP in to intimidate and abuse them.

So of course Canada sides with Israel in genocide.  Conservatives as well as liberals know that us imperialists have to stick together.

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