Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Sometimes They Write Themselves


Went to use a CIBC ATM today.  There was a bit of the bank's self-promotion on the screen.  Beside a picture of a smiling teenaged Black girl were words telling me how CIBC had raised $275 million for children's charities since ... Drum-roll please! ... duddle-dah-duddle-dah-duddle-dah-da! ... 



Are you fucking kidding?  

That's forty fucking years and Canadian bank profits have been around a billion dollars a year since the 1990's, so, you know, maybe $45,000,000,000.   What is that?  Six million a year? (Where do bank profits come from?  A lot of it comes out of our pockets.  Some of it comes from stock market gambling and investing in fossil fuels.)

Anyway, 45,000,000,000 minus 275,000,000 equals 44,725,000.  

Or 0.006111%.

You're welcome to check and correct my numbers since I'm shit at mathematics.

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