Thursday, February 22, 2024

Trump, Biden, and Clinton (Hillary) - a brief note


Even though Purple library guy already wrote an excellent critique of the Off Guardian article that had been offered by another [anonymous] commenter, about the global hegemonic oligarchic order, there are still some things I'd like to say about it and I will probably at least begin working on that tomorrow.

In the meantime, I'd just like to post a brief bit of observation and speculation.

Donald Trump IS dangerous.  His misogyny and racism are a YUGE part of who he is.  And by that I mean that he's much more racist than your run-of-the-mill Washington DC politician (who are, generally, pretty fucking racist).  As such, he attracts confirmed, hardcore racists and misogynists.  I wouldn't say that he's more authoritarian than other figures in the Republican or Democratic parties' leaderships, but if your preference is for a more refined, bureaucratic torture state than for one that celebrates its brutality for the sheer joy of exercising it, then you'll want to choose someone else other than Trump.

Plus, there's no doubt that while some of his fans are just confused, frightened people who need a Big Daddy figure to comfort them and indulge them in their paranoid fantasies, some of his followers are indeed Dangerous. (Note the capital "D" folks.) 

Exhibit A: This piece of shit ...

This guy is a loud and proud murderous nazi.  End of story.

Exhibit B: These pieces of shit ...

These are two, white, rich assholes who live in a gated community that was on the way to the home of the  Mayor of St Louis where a Black Lives Matter protest was going.  They were protesting the Mayor's dangerous, shit-head move of providing the names and addresses of people who wrote letters calling for her to defund the police

This couple saw a parade of protesters marching past their mansion and decided that the best thing to do was to run outside and  point guns at them.  Dozens of Black people being murdered by the police every year in the USA and the brutally racist nature of the USA's criminal justice system is of no consequence to this couple.

This demographic, older, wealthy, white, is Trump's main source of support.  Many of them partake of the same sorts of paranoid conspiracy theories that their less fortunate political brethren and sistren feast off of.  But in their case there's no need for them to feel frightened by the world.  It's only their extreme selfishness that causes them to be so upset all the time.  Which makes them dangerous.

Make no mistake about it: Trump and his fan-base ARE dangerous.  Which is why it was so fucking stupid to empower him with the imbecilic "Russiagate" conspiracy theory.  The FBI abusing its power to illegally target the Trump campaign based on the bullshit Steele Dossier, and the "respectable" mainstream media putting all their credibility into pumping-up that witchhunt for three fucking horrible years, only to have it all end with a pathetic fart from Robert Mueller strengthened Trump.  It gave his paranoid, conspiracy-minded fans a reason to be paranoid and conspiracy-minded.

Furthermore, if Trump is so fucking dangerous, why are the Democrats risking the fate of their country by running the doddering, mentally crumbling, unpopular Joe Biden against him?  Biden was a weak candidate in 2020.  He's clearly tired and confused.  He is being hidden from the public and the press by people who have had FOUR FUCKING YEARS to acknowledge this and prepare the way for a successor!

But Biden’s team decidedly does not want people to watch him.

The president is still continuing with his unprecedented refusal to sit down for an interview with a major paper. He has still done by far the fewest press conferences and interviews out of almost any modern president, beating only Ronald Reagan in the first category. He just declined for the second year in a row to sit down for a Super Bowl interview and at precisely the time he is lagging in the polls, prompting head scratching from political operatives, who call it a “problem.”

“It’s the biggest television audience, not even close, and you get a chance to do a twenty, twenty-five-minute interview on that day, and you don’t do it, that’s a kind of sign that the staff or yourself doesn’t have much confidence in you. There’s no other way to read this,” commented James Carville, about as militant a Democratic loyalist as you’re likely to find.

Biden’s defenders, meanwhile, have scrambled to launch a string of unconvincing pushbacks that all undercut one another. The immediate response was to paint Hur as a partisan attack dog and his description of Biden’s troubles as brazen lies, before liberal commentators started pointing to Trump’s own, identical missteps — unhelpful, given they’ve spent the past seven years professing they think Trump has dementia.

Jonathan Chait argued that even if Hur’s allegations are true, it doesn’t matter, since “Reagan was pretty senile and controlled by advisers,” and “nobody cared because the results were fine.” NBC News then interviewed neurologists who told us it’s no big deal for someone of Biden’s age to forget what year his son died.

This haphazard, throw-everything-at-the-wall approach isn’t likely to be persuasive. In fact, it will probably be the opposite, smacking of quiet panic and fueling a perception that those fending off charges about Biden’s acuity don’t really believe what they’re saying.

Are we honestly to believe that either the Democratic Party USA, with four years to search their ranks, find nobody better to lead the country than Joe Biden?  Or that the leadership of the Democratic Party USA lacked the ability to stand up to the awesome vindictive power of Joe Biden?

Unless they DO have a plan!  A GENIUS plan!  An AWESOME plan!  A plan to restore justice to the universe!

They wait until it's too late to do anything else and they absolutely humiliate Joe Biden (whose arrogant sense of entitlement has remained intact regardless of the deterioration of his higher cognitive functions) and then, no fucking way do they elevate the even less popular Kamala Harris (a babbling, neoliberal authoritarian moron).  No.

After it's too late to do anything else, HILLARY CLINTON rises to occasion and saves her country from the threat of Trump!!!  Certain now that the clear and present danger of a second Trump presidency has cured vast swathes of the electorate of the stupid misogyny that was the ONLY reason they rejected her in sufficient numbers to give Trump his 2016 Electoral College victory, HILLARY CLINTON ("The Most Qualified Candidate EVAHHHHH!!!!!!") will take to the stage to the fanfare of heavenly trumpets from God's own orchestra pit and graciously concede to save a country that doesn't deserve HER.

And then let the chips fall where they may and Gawd help us all.


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