Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Following Ford's Testimony Re: Conflict of Interest

Rob Ford is a fucking dunce.


Steve W said...

I've been following the Toronto Star's live feed all afternoon. A "dunce" is too kind. The man is pathetically imbecilic. Not just a moron, a fucking moron. A fucking moron who thinks he knows it all and will bully those who don't believe he knows it all. Clayton Ruby is probably having fun today, but I would also imagine his brain must hurt a little having to deal with such an idiot as Ford. Remind me again how this twit got himself elected? Something as laughing puerile as a 'gravy train' slogan. Oh yeah, the only thing dumber then dumb politicians are the dummies who vote for them.

thwap said...

Steve W,

Not only did they vote for him. They're still proud of that fact. They think he's doing a great job.

A budget surplus, privatizing garbage collection, firing the new TCH commissioners for the mistakes of previous ones, and signing a contract with the city's unions that kicked their asses.

They even stand by their man on this clear violation of important conflict of interest rules. They have no idea of the importance of the things they blather on about and no idea about how wrong they are on everything.