Friday, September 14, 2012

Rediscovering the Libyan Debacle

The violence in Libya resulting from the sectarian clods (fundamentalist Christians and Jews) who made an anti-Islamic film (take the beams out of thine own eyes you deluded saps!) has returned the Western media's attention to that devastated country.

In being forced to look at the mess, the media only provides me with grim confirmation that once again, I should stick to my usual radical-left sources and pretty much ignore whatever the corporate mainstream is churning out.

The mainstream consensus was that, as a local blooming of the Arab Spring, the people began to rise-up against the terrorist mad-dog Qaddafi and, unlike in Egypt or Bahrain or Jordan, the USA and its NATO allies decided to stand with the people against their tyrant. With NATO assistance, the rebels prevented Qaddafi from instigating a bloodbath and either beat the shit out of the dazed and wounded old man before shoving a rifle up his anus and pulling the trigger, or they inadvertently killed him in a crossfire. One way or the other, the dictatorship was over and after a brief period of turmoil there were elections and Libya is on the road to peace and prosperity, thanks to Western oil companies and financial institutions.

(It'd be funny if it wasn't so tragic and sick wouldn't it?)

According to the news sources that I follow, Qaddafi the torturing dictator was also a Libyan nationalist and a modernizer who shared Libya's oil wealth with Libya's people, rather than with foreign corporations and it was for that grave sin that he was overthrown, using the Arab Spring as cover. Cynical and incompetent US meddlers gave support to whatever anti-Qaddafi forces they could identify and (violating their UN mandate) helped to overthrow Qaddafi's regime. In the aftermath, these numerous armed factions took to fighting one another and the country descended further into bloody chaos. This is all to the good for the NATO political and economic elites because a weak, fractured country has less ability to resist. So long as the official puppets can keep the oil flowing it doesn't matter how many Libyans' lives are ruined by civil war. The important thing is that there are ELECTIONS once in a while, to give the whole thing a patina of legitimacy. (Obviously, the elections can be fraudulent or barely attended, meaningless and for demonstration purposes only. We know that US-elites don't care about their own electoral process and we know that stephen harper despises the idea of free and fair elections in Canada, so why should we expect them to care about the integrity of Libya's electoral process? Elections are a ritual to these idiots. Like some empty words spoken by the somnolent flock at a Catholic mass.

I was going to post a representative quote from that link but read the whole thing. Skim over the empty words of the babbling hypocrite and pathetic closet-case John Baird because his words aren't worth the air they're befouling.

Here's the thing; if a people rise up against their dictator and overthrow him but then set to fighting one another in a bloody civil war, that's a tragedy of sorts. But if you take an active part in that process you are then partly responsible for what happens in the aftermath. That's why we on the loony left are always so hesitant to get involved in one bloody, hypocritical case of imperialism after another. It's called being responsible for the consequences of one's actions. A concept entirely alien to most in the mainstream.


Gloria said...

Harper attacked Libya, with no declaration of war. That's a war crime and a crime against humanity.

Harper was also found guilty of, stonewalling, and being deceitful regarding, the torture of the detainee's. ICC's Chief Prosecutor, left it up to the RCMP, to further investigate. Of course, that didn't happen. That too was a war crime and a crime against humanity. Harper prorogued Parliament, to cheat his way out of his crimes.

Now Harper is causing trouble in Iran. Harper slammed the door, right in Iran's face. He cut off all communication and negotiations with Iran. Harper made a bad situation, a hell of a lot worse. Harper only provoked Iran's anger at Israel, to a much higher level. Israel is in even more danger, because of Harper's utter stupidity. No doubt Harper will cause a war, with Iran. There were no WMD in Iraq either. However, Harper put Canada at war, with Afghanistan anyway.

Harper always, shoots his big mouth off, before he puts his brain in gear. You would think both Obama and Harper would have sense enough, to get our people out of, all the Arab country's.

It's pretty stupid to think, there would be no retaliation. How many more times, will this have to happen, before they learn? God help us all, with Harper and MacKay at the helm.

the salamander said...

Imagine if Canada (ie the millions of people people-electorate via their elected representatives aka Parliament) stipulated that we looked after our own country as 1st priority. Afterwards, if there were obvious events or places, where our generosity, humanity, courage, or efforts could be helpful.. well ........

I'm not fit to go to any city or region or country in the world and tell them how to solve their problems. Especially problems based on population-food-water shortage-or religion, I'm not sure how Stephen Harper or John Baird gained such wisdom. Did they find it hanging on a burning bush? Was it delivered to them as a message in a bottle? Did they study these things in Economics 101? Or via the Bible or the Koran? On the back of a box of Captain Crunch ?

I keep seeing how the boys that used to play with their toys in sandboxes.. you know, the jets, trucks, tractors, fire engines or race cars or Transformers or cowboys or GI Joe's etc.. become politicians. Then they take their sandbox behavior pattern, their little Bo Peep degree or partisan policy prep school diploma and get to froth at the mouth and spew their personal & primitive or antediluvian ideology at Canada's expense..

Apologies re the depressed rant from me... your article depressed me.. or rather, the sad truth in it depressed me.

thwap said...


harper and MacKay are clearly war criminals. We have to work to get them behind bars. We have to do that for the integrity (what's left of it) of our political system.


I don't think harper or Baird have any intention of helping out anybody anywhere. The whole reason to help Israel is to tear Zionist voters from the Liberals and, perhaps, set in motion the course to Armageddon.

Everything is an exercise in cynicism and power with harper.

And we're in no danger from Iran. Even with a nuclear weapon, they have no delivery system. Another reason for harper's blustering.