Tuesday, September 18, 2012

No Oversight Needed For CSIS

At least that's what CSIS Director Richard Fadden said in response to the Canadian Human Rights Commissioner's recommendations:
In a newly declassified memo, CSIS director Dick Fadden dismisses the Canadian Human Rights Commission's recommendation that national security agencies do more to ensure they are not taking part in racial profiling or other objectionable practices.
"I am confident in the service's existing human rights policies and procedures, as well as our accountability and review structures," Fadden says in the January 2012 memo to Public Safety Minister Vic Toews.
"We have taken aggressive proactive steps to prevent discrimination and profiling in the service, and our investigation and reporting are pursued to protect Canadians and not out of any discriminatory bias."
Uh, hold on a second there big guy!  Weren't four CANADIAN CITIZENS tortured in Syria and Egypt because your desk-jockeys couldn't come up with anything on them. (In the case of Abdullah Almalki they said he was nothing more than "an Arab running around.") Golly-gee Fadden, I bet you'd hate to be taken from your family and beaten on your testicles and the soles of your feet for two-fucking years because some donught-scarfing desk-jockeys just KNEW you were a terrorist but had no evidence other than the fact that you're a moron running around.

Aren't you the geniuses who have held a number of Arab and/or Muslim men in prison or under house arrest (some for over a decade) on cases built on sand (or rather from the blood of torture)?

These psychopaths like Fadden have grown too used to being able to say any fool thing that comes into their heads; "aggressive proactive steps" [!] and getting away with it. Obviously the real reason that Fadden doesn't want oversight is because it would lead to exposure of his criminal behaviour and a jail sentence.


Owen Gray said...

Only those in government who have something to hide object to oversight.

thwap said...

Yeah, Fadden might think he has an argument because of the sensitive nature of his supposed work. But the fact that they've made a hash of almost everything betrays him.

Gloria said...

Didn't Fadden warn Canadians, Communist China was making huge inroads into Canada? BC was specifically mentioned. No-one paid attention to that one either. Harper most certainly didn't. Fadden didn't intend anything, to be done about it.

ICC's Chief Prosecutor found Harper guilty of, stonewalling, preventing, and not co-operating, in the investigation of the torture of the detainee's. They left it up to the RCMP to pursue, Harper's war crimes and crimes against humanity. We knew that would never happen.

Nor would the RCMP investigate further into, Campbell's theft and corrupt sale of, BC's railroad.

Corruption reigns supreme, in Harper's Canada. Harper has no morals nor ethics, what-so-ever. This country is a, putrid cesspool of corruption.

Strangely, Fadden has said nothing more about Communist China, parking their butts, on our Canadian dirty tar sands oil. Why is Communist China permitted in Canada, while other country's are having to escort China, out of their territories?

We don't want Communist China in our country either.peoulso

thwap said...


I wrote about Fadden's suspicions then at the time:


I thought he meant we were in thrall to the torturing, murdering, corrupt USA. (Kidding. I was pretty sure that he meant China.)

The Chinese government is terrible and harper's current slobbering over them is remarkable considering his past remarks. But let's not fool ourselves that no matter who he sold it to, they'd probably also be monsters and the dirty oil would still help destroy human civilization.