Saturday, September 15, 2012

McGuinty Liberals Contemptuous of Democracy (Again)

So, Chris Bentley used to turn a blind eye to abuses of citizens' rights as Ontario Attorney General. Now he's decided to formally cement his contempt for democracy in Ontario (and, no doubt, everywhere else) by withholding information about the costs of his government's policies:
Secret documents on the cost of scrapping Oakville and Mississauga power plants — both in Liberal ridings — must be released, the Speaker of Ontario’s legislature ruled Thursday.
The decision has Energy Minister Chris Bentley on the verge of a rare contempt of parliament censure for refusing to release the documents ordered by a legislative committee in May.
While the $190-million cost of scrapping the Mississauga plant during last fall’s whisker-close provincial election has been known since July, opposition parties have been frustrated in getting a tab for Oakville.
This is sadly, part of a process. It was stephen harper who first demonstrated clear contempt for Parliament and who then shrugged it off as insignificant when he was found guilty of contempt. Dalton McGuinty is a psychotic robot servant of corporate power as is any heavy hitter in his government. They despise democracy because they despise us. They run for power to control and exploit us. We ignore this behaviour at our peril.

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