Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kim Rivera

So, the harpercon cartel has decided to deport US war resister Kim Rivera. The harpercon government (and their brain-dead fans) believe that because you voluntarily join the US military you are bound, legally and morally, to participate in illegal wars and all the other war crimes that follow from that illegal act.

The harpercons believe that Canada should not harbour people of conscience who want no part in the mass slaughter of innocent people (well over 1 million by this point) and the pain and trauma of millions more who are either maimed, wounded, turned into homeless refugees, forced into prostitution or who have lost a loved one.

This is because the stupid, gibbering harpercons wanted to take part in that mass slaughter themselves. (Vicariously of course, because they're gutless, cowardly hypocrites, like most in the US political elite.)


Owen Gray said...

We had a much better record when it came to allowing Americans war resisters into Canada during the Vietnam War, thwap.

The Rivera decision is an example of how far we have fallen.

thwap said...

Hell, remember in the 1990s, when the country was appalled by the torture and murder of one prisoner in Somalia and the racist hazing rituals of the Canadian Airborne division?

Now, people actually write into the newspaper to defend the torturing of prisoners. "Support the troops!"