Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lines That Can't Be Crossed

Like a fart in a wind storm, thwap bleats out his opinion into the blog-o-sphere to contribute to the overall political consciousness.

Barack Obama is a monster. Barack Obama is a corporate shill. Barack Obama is an enabler of Wall Street corruption. Barack Obama wants to destroy social security and medicare. Barack Obama is an enemy of the unions and the working class. But, none of that makes him more intolerable to me than any other American politician. Mitt Romney is a racist, a sexist patriarchal asshole, a callous plutocrat, a homophobe and etc., etc., . But Barack Obama believes that he has the right to incarcerate US-Americans indefinitely without charges and he believes he has the right to murder any US-American citizen he wants to.

I don't care about how bad Mitt Romney is. That doesn't save Barack Obama from being an out-and-out enemy of democracy and human rights. Unless and until all people who care about democracy and human rights grasp the the minimal position that Barack Obama is completely unacceptable, regardless of Mitt Romney or the Tea-Baggers or Rush Limbaugh or Paul Ryan or Rick Santorum, or whatever, ... US-American democracy will be at a dead-end. If NONE of the choices are acceptable (and they aren't) then what then?

It's extremely lazy to believe that voting for Obama and the Democrats is the sane, logical choice for US progressives. If NONE of your choices are acceptable, if the SYSTEM is unacceptable, ... what then?

And, for us Canadians, ... what are we to do about stephen harper? As far as lines that cannot be crossed, demolishing the principle of responsible government (as harper did in his first prorogation), covering-up war crimes (as harper did with his second prorogation and with his bullshit vetting process that the NDP wisely chose not to legitimate) and with his tolerating of Bev Oda's forgery and lying and his refusal to share cost estimates with the people's representatives, and for his shrugging of shoulders with the contempt finding against him, and for his obvious orchestration of election fraud, ... stephen harper is not a legitimate political actor in this country. There is no good reason to support him for anything. There is no reason to discuss his bullshit policies and his bullshit government. They are usurpers. You don't pretend that usurpers are legitimate. You fight them. You don't mince words with their deluded or cynical hangers-on. You ignore them. You don't obey usurpers. You defy them. You don't analyze them. You try them and you imprison them.

I have been trying to connect with individuals and groups in Toronto to begin a focused policy of direct resistance to harper. But, just as in the USA, progressives need to go through an evidently massive process of mental realignment to get past the idea that things can be "business as usual" when dealing with the reality of illegitimate government.

For believing he has the power of life or death over his fellow citizens, Barack Obama has crossed the line from corrupt capitalist politician to despot.

For believing that both Parliament and democratic elections can be entirely denigrated and debased, stephen harper has crossed the line form asshole conservative moron to usurper.

There can be no further negotiation or debate.

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Gloria said...

Well don't we know? Harper loves Red China's Human Rights because, they don't have any.

Harper worships China so much, he has permitted that country, right onto our Canadian soil.

Harper has handed Canada to Red China, on a silver platter. Meanwhile other country's are having to, escort Red China off their territories. China's aggression, is angering many country's. China has hacked into other country's secret files. They sold infected electronic components. U.S. missiles and other weapons had infected components, purchased from Red China.

MacKay was overwhelmed, with joy and excitement. Red China is permitting Harper and MacKay, to establish a military base in China.

I guess that's fine for Harper. He also has no morals nor ethics either.