Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ontario Liberals

A while ago, I made the hard decision to extend credit where it was due. I don't like conceding things to my enemies but I don't think we should refuse to acknowledge and reward good behaviour either. So, I credited the McGuinty Liberals for finally taking over their responsibilities over the poor (and for court security) back from the municipalities after they were downloaded by the murderously incompetent Mike Harris.

It doesn't come as that big of a surprise though, that the slime-ball corporate tools are reverting to form:
For the second time in a matter of months, the city is stepping up to shoulder the cost of social supports slashed by Queen’s Park.
Due to provincial cutbacks, the city has been left with a $7-million hole in its 2013 funding for programs that combat homelessness. At Monday’s emergency and community services committee meeting, councillors agreed to cover about half that amount — $3.35 million, from the tax stabilization reserve — to cover the bare minimum of these services.
McGuinty demonstrably doesn't care if innocent Ontarians are tortured by the police. He despises our Charter rights. He's a robotic servant of bloated capital. He's an enthusiastic oppressor of the First Nations. Nothing he does (or doesn't do) surprises me.

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