Friday, September 28, 2012

UPDATED! Margaret Wente & Elite Immunity From Consequences

 Margaret Wente is a lazy, stupid person. As such, she has a great deal of animosity towards people who aren't lazy and stupid and so she writes column after column of lazy, stupid bullshit, mocking her betters and sucking-up to her enablers. (She is enabled by people for whom a debased political culture is the preferred environment for cheating and lying and general corruption.)

Wait a second? Did I say "she writes column after column"? That's incorrect. It turns out that Margaret Wente is so lazy and stupid that she can't even come up with fact-free, faulty arguments and snotty obnoxious drivel all on her own. It turns out, thanks to the efforts of Carol Wainio at Media Culpa, that stupid and lazy Margaret Wente is a serial plagiarist. To repeat: Margaret Wente is so lazy and stupid that rather than pulling bullshit arguments out of her own ass, she collects bits and pieces that other people pulled out of their own asses, smooshes them together with misappropriated facts she found elsewhere and connects them all with a few squirts of rancid diarrhea. [YOU KNOW THAT'S THE REASON YOU READ MY BLOG!!!!]

Now that Carol Wainio of Media Culpa has meticulously documented Wente's stupidity and laziness and plagiarism, Wente and some of her fellow travellers, are reacting in true “conservative” form. They're pretending that Wente is being victimized and they're slandering her accuser. Wente's own “apology” was par for the course for that lazy, entitled booze-hound. She's pretending that an attack on her plagiarism is an attack on her freedom of expression. She's pretending that a reader of her newsspaper who doesn't want to see blatant plagiarism and who writes in dutifully when a Globe & Mail columnist fails to meet the minimum standards for journalistic or literary integrity is an obsessive stalker. Maggie, Maggie, Maggie; if you didn't fail so often, Ms. Wainio wouldn't have so much to write about! If your employer had responded to Wainio's documentation of your failure by telling you to shape-up or ship-out, things wouldn't have turned out as they have. You and your employer brought this all down upon your heads and there's no sense in childishly and petulantly looking around in desperation for someone else to blame.

Consequences for one's own actions is supposedly a 'conservative” value. There's enough evidence now to see that that's complete bullshit. Wente's behaviour, both before and after her exposure as a lazy, corrupt, stupid plagiarist is just like so much other right-wing behaviour. It's all about the genuine decay of standards and the lack of accountability our elites have been indulging themselves in while everyone else has to sacrifice both their standard of living and their rights as human beings.

Stephen harper throws a temper-tantrum in front of the Governor General and he gets to defy the will of the majority of the people's representatives and avoid a vote of non-confidence. A democracy shredding precedent if ever there was one. He then gets found (unprecedentedly for any government in any Westminster-style Parliamentary system) to be in contempt of Parliament and he shrugs it off, arguing (falsely as he knows) that it was just a “politicized” decision arrived at by a committee dominated by partisan opposition politicians. This lie helps him to demonize his opponents in the eyes of his psychotic hard-core supporters and, it cheapens and debases the way everyone else regards Canada's federal parliament.Then he and his party blatantly attack the integrity of our electoral process and win a majority government via fraud. harper then stacks the oversight bodies with compliant hacks and, confident that hell will freeze over before his crimes will be exposed, rams through omnibus legislation hundreds of pages in length.  And then .... and then .... and then .... his shit-head fan base calls US the victimizers! The whole thing has been a "leftard" conspiracy from the beginning! The "coup" the demand for documents from Afghanistan, the demand for cost estimates for the prisons and the fighter-jets, the contempt of Parliament motion and the accusations of election fraud, ALL OF IT, is all an evil left-wing conspiracy to deprive the poor lil' harpercons of their election victory! Jesus Christ but the hypocritical sense of entitlement with these people! And the complete inability to register how harper's tactics are totally undermining the integrity of the entire democratic process in our country! The evil and the whining!

Or take Rob "respect for taxpayers" Ford! The buffoon wants us to believe that in 10 years as a Toronto city councillor he can't be expected to have known that 10% of the city's $10 billion dollars wasn't just completely unnecessary "gravy" that could be cut with impunity. The dunce goes from thinking there was $700,000,000 in retirement parties, meeting sandwiches, espresso machines and such like that he could cut and then, when he becomes mayor, the dunce is calling for arbitrary 10% cuts for every department and muses about closing women's shelters! And, after this titanic display of cluelessness and incompetence, his supporters still proudly call themselves "Ford Nation" and whine, whine, god damn it they whine -fucking-whine about the lefty-media conspiracy against their hero.

The stupid fuck speaks to and votes on an issue in which he has a direct financial interest (refusal to pay a fine ordered by the city's integrity commission) and he thinks he did nothing wrong! It's a firing offense but he says he just wanted to "clear the air" before city council voted on the issue that he had a direct financial stake in! This could cost him his job, but everyone is saying: "Oh, do we really want to have another election?" What's this supposed to mean? "There are penalties, but if you're a right-wing white-male with a support base of borderline psychopathic morons who will feel enraged if the rules are imposed upon you, then you get a pass?" What sort of precedent is that?

This hypocritical whining, this entitled belief that consequences are for other people, this revolting behaviour runs from the highest to the lowest levels. From harper, down to Ford, down to Wente, down to the blog-o-sphere.

Check out online idiot and troll Patrick Ross. Outs a blogger. Accuses said blogger of being a stalker and a child molester, using the blogger's real name. Gets sued for slander and libel. Too stupid and lazy to show up in court. Receives a default judgement of guilty and an order to erase the libels from the internet and pay $85,000. Does neither. Goes into hiding. Dragged before a judge again and claims that he's suicidally depressed. (All the while our suicidally depressed 31-year old is hooting and hollering online about further imaginary "victories" over other internet opponents.) Right.

Or, check out this blast from the past. A guy gets suspended from his job for making "racial comments" and returns with a rifle and shoots and kills his boss and shoots and grievously injures a co-worker before killing himself. Okay? Got that?

Online, members of Canada's online right-wing imbecile community admit to knowing the guy. They say he was a nice guy. Such a shame that "political correctness" has run amok and driven innocent white guys to murder-suicide. The crushing weight of "political correctness" causes normal people to SNAP! under the constant pressure and harassment from uppity minorities and their useful idiot pinko allies. Such a shame.

This WHOLE THING is the fault of "liberals" and "leftards."

Then it turns out the guy has a swastika tattoo. Then it turns out his co-workers said he had a hot temper. Then it turns out he was posting sexually explicit, racially charged photos to the staff bulletin board to embarrass a non-white co-worker.

You know how an employer should have right to hire or fire anyone they choose? That principle is out the window when it affects one of their own.

Then it turns out that as a young man, Mr. Swastika stabbed an 18-year old to death over "a spilled beer and a ripped t-shirt."

Once this information is introduced, without skipping a fucking beat, the right-wing imbecile community blames namby-pamby "liberal" justice system for not locking up this menace to society for the rest of his natural life and allowing him to roam free and kill again.

It's always the "liberals" fault. They never do anything wrong. They should never be punished. Investigating them is always a witch-hunt. Or kangaroo courts worthy of Stalin. Or obsessive stalking and nit-picking. Or whatever I'm sick to fucking death of this bullshit.


bcwaterboy said...

Could Wente be Canada's answer to Ann Coulter? The free pass she just got from the Globe is telling of what passes for truth in these dark days of "conservatism".

Beijing York said...

I think Wente is going to have a hard time living this down. When the flurry of criticism was confined to the twittersphere and blogosphere, I wasn't so sure. But now that MSM coverage has taken hold, I have hope that people will think twice about her columns, if not reject her out of hand.

the salamander said...

.. pack action .. black swan event ..

I occasionally came across Ms Wente's fluffy, entitled opinionations.. few of which were interesting, amusing-banal enough to finish. I did not find them in the fading G and Mail .. but rather, I was pointed to them via blog articles with real chops.. mostly those critical of smarmy or shallow opinion pieces.

Let's be real Thwap. Perhaps Ms. Wente just wandered dreamily from the pampered, smug, salaried village of 'upper crust' established mainstream media and came too close to the mysteriously vibrant & dark blog forest. Or perhaps that same forest has simply crept far closer to the village.

She was careless, even indolent it seems, and despite harsh growls from the forest fringe, edgy twittering and snarks above, and sightings of numerous explosively fast and highly evolved cyberish creatures.. she persisted in her reckless behavior.

A few more slashing & scathing probes suddenly had her vulnerable, completely exposed, pinned down. A few stalwart Globe colleagues mounted a rescue attempt. Unfortunately by then a sleek and elite pack was onto her and howling in full song. A single Black Swan was seen passing overhead on whispery wings as most of the traditional media crept out after 'to capture the story'.. though already 'reporting' & writing copy based on blogs, twitters and more blogs.. and Google searches

The Alpha blogger in this story or fable had come confidently out of the forest and the power and focus of the accompanying pack was astonishing. Ms Wente never stood a chance. Chapter and verse, she was illuminated, critiqued, humiliated and the dunce cap set upon her. Margaret got a ZERO

I expect we will see this pack action - social and media Darwinism.. survival of the fittest.. outbreaks, rebellions.. the Black Swans flying... manifested more and more. Evolving and then ruling/shaping the media.. deciding how to re-shape and enhance democracy in an era of Exemplars.. not loser-liars

The citizen-denizens of the boreal, the Canadian Shield, the farm lands, the fisheries and cyburbia, the true northland, feasting virally on fatuous and flawed partisan politicians and their rough girl-boy underlings-secretaries, lazy media, the foolish, the fops, the inept, the unelected, the un-authorized spokesperson/press-releaser, the creepy, the criminal, the pompous, the undeserving or immorally entitled.

I think as we see a bit more exponential pack growth...
the polluters, the pathological political liars, the pricks, the self proclaimed leaders, the ministries, The Speaker of The House, the RCMP, the police, the Armed Forces, the lobbyists, the dirt bags, the bankers, the electoral advisers, the live/robo call agencies, the think tanks, the faculties of Political Science etc will experience even more persistent exposure, warning and then savaging.

Natural Consequences .. the Black Swans are coming .. Darwin ..
shadows are moving in the rainforest, howling is heard in the boreal
drumbeats on the coasts.. cyberfolk are gathering .. winds on the prairie
I see you Hunters - Gatherers - I see you Cryptic Warriors - I see Canada

thwap said...

BC Waterboy,

She's more like Ann Coulter's senile, boozy aunt.

Yeah! That's the ticket! The talentless, privileged queen bees from the richest family in town. The one that's above the law.

Both of them lazy and stupid.

thwap said...


This has indeed gotten out of poor Miss Wente's control. Which is only to be expected given how thoroughly Wente pissed on the standards of her occupation. It's appalling that it's taken so long though.

Inexcusable and a reason for her to take an early retirement from what was an extremely profitable scam.

thwap said...


Poetic. But I think for authenticity's sake, Wente should be making snarky, condescending [plagiarized?] comments about the forest creatures as they devour her.