Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mulcair's Zionism is Showing

Argh! So, Thomas Mulcair decides to publicly embarrass Paul Dewar for his infinitely reasonable comments on harper's imbecilic termination of diplomatic relations with Iran. Mulcair, babbling like an idiot, says that harper might have important information to justify his decision. Oh right. Top secret, super important info! Either that or it's the hypocritical, stupid, Israel-pandering drivel that it was presented as.

Fuck you Mulcair.


Beijing York said...

He should have shut his mouth. It's not like the NDP has behaved like an anti-war voice of reason for many decades but to give tacit support like this is extremely disappointing. This is why Mulcair was not even on my ballot for leadership.

thwap said...

These are indeed shitty times. But I hope Mulcair gets a talking to behind closed doors, and that he emerges a sadder, wiser doofus.