Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mitt Romney's Bad Day

I don't want to talk too much about this; what with the disastrous state of Canada's political culture (as represented by the Mayoralty of Rob Ford in Toronto), and the opening of a new session of Parliament which the fraudulent, illegitimate harpercon cartel chose to mar with the constant repetition of falsehoods against the NDP. But the disgusting Repug candidate for POTUS, Mitt Romney has been seriously damaged by the surfacing of a video taken while he was running off at the mouth in front of people he thought were "safe" because they'd paid some money to listen to him. He said that Obama had a lock on the votes of 47% of the electorate, the ones whose incomes are too small for them to pay income taxes. Besides the fact that he insulted these people as being craven dependents of the nanny-state, and besides the fact that Mitt the asshole doesn't pay his taxes either, there's also the fact that many among that 47% are his supporters. (Remember "Joe the Plumber"?)

In Romney's simplistic calculus, poor people vote Democrat and rich people vote Republican and people in the middle are "independent" swing voters who you try to get to tip the balance in your favour to victory.

Besides being insulting and hypocritical, Romney revealed himself to have all the subtlety of a warthog.

But the real reason that I wanted to post about this was this part:
When one donor said he was disappointed that Romney wasn't attacking Obama with sufficient intellectual firepower, Romney groused that the campaign trail was no place for high-minded and detail-oriented arguments:

Well, I wrote a book that lays out my view for what has to happen in the country, and people who are fascinated by policy will read the book. We have a website that lays out white papers on a whole series of issues that I care about. I have to tell you, I don't think this will have a significant impact on my electability. I wish it did. I think our ads will have a much bigger impact. I think the debates will have a big impact…My dad used to say, "Being right early is not good in politics." And in a setting like this, a highly intellectual subject—discussion on a whole series of important topics typically doesn't win elections. And there are, there are, there are—for instance, this president won because of "hope and change."
 A break me fucking give! I suppose that I could go on over to his website and read those white papers. Just as maybe I could go and read L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology bullshit or David Icke's crapola about anti-Semite lizards. Which is to say I don't have time for such nonsense. Romney's been yammering with his Ayn Rand dipshit little pal Paul Ryan all about their simplistic and/or deluded policies. It's a mile-high mountain of fetid compost. Mitt Romney thinking he's too smart for the electorate! It is to laugh!


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I eventually did go to those "White Paper" links.

Under "Economic Policy" it said "cut taxes" and under "Foreign Policy" it said "kill Arabs."