Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Hypocrisy of Politics Forces Me to Resist

That's gotta be one of the biggest things, ... the hypocrisy. Obama supporters who used to condemn bush II for spying on Americans who care nothing that their hero, that Wall Street shill, has assumed the right to kill them. Or stephen harper and John Baird yammering about Iran torturing Canadians when our own CSIS had the Syrians torture Canadians for them by proxy. Or condemning Iran's support for the Syrian regime now, against Saudi-financed rebels, when the USA and Saudi Arabia provided material support for Bahrain's murderous suppression of its own rebels.

Very often, hypocrisy is driven by external factors, ... usually something like partisanship. Such hypocrisy is the very definition of not being true to oneself. I do my best to avoid such shameful hypocrisy. That's why I can't make myself even pretend to take sides in the stink.


Owen Gray said...

The beginning of humility is to admit one's mistakes, thwap. But these folks refuse to recognize any mistakes.

thwap said...

But it's so prevalent. People who you would otherwise respect decide that they can stomach an Obama, an Ignatieff, a Mulcair, ... and utterly ignore the reality when their gods fuck up.

Obama (for instance) is beyond redemption, but some people invent fantasies for themselves about his services to corporate America and his murderous behaviour.