Thursday, January 3, 2013

An Answer to harperscum Critics of Chief Spence

Making my rounds of the mainstream news online I notice that harperscum trolls have all been trained to parrot the lie that Chief Spence was given $90 million to provide housing for her community of 2,000 people and yadda-yadda-yadda, These disgusting cretins insinuate that Chief Spence's hunger-strike (so-far onto its 21st day) is merely a ploy to mask her siphoning of Canadian taxpayers' dollars into an offshore bank account.*

The thing is, these racist pieces of shit have forgotten that Chief Spence's community, Attawapiskat, was under co-management with the federal government. So, even if we discount that a federal judge has already exonerated Chief Spence of any hint of malfeasance, these harperscum are driving a spike into their own foreheads when they make these allegations. harper sits at the top of a system where, supposedly, the Chief of a First Nations community in the north can be blowing money on skating rinks and SUVs and the federal co-manager is her boyfriend and who knows where the fucking money is going year after year when, year after year, this same community pleads for a new school and adequate housing. No minister for aboriginal affairs thought anything was amiss the whole time? harper was supposedly not reading the papers or hearing about this criminal negligence from Charlie Angus?

*Finally, you must admit that it's pretty rich, these harperscum trolls, babbling about "accountability" when their heroes in Ottawa have been hiding the numbers for the F-35 program to the tune of tens of billions of dollars!! And, after several investigations find that harper and his lickspittle Peter Mackay have obfuscated about the tens of billions of dollars, it looks like the whole secretive, unaccountable process is set to go full steam ahead!

That's the way it is with these people and it's why I get so testy when discussing things with them or when I talk about them. It's like an incompetent doctor who has killed your loved one and is now making all sorts of idiotic rationalizations and denials. You sit there watching this cowardly, murderously incompetent piece-of-shit just trying to get out of the room so that they can kill again and you see no adult ability to accept responsibility. You see a misshapen child, making childish arguments, and you have to think twice to realize this is actually an adult in front of you, and your mind is filled with contempt and disgust.

There were no weapons of mass destruction. There are more important things than the "War on Christmas." Homosexuality is not a "sin." Installing governments of thieves and pedophiles is not the way to build democracy. "Support the troops" does not mean denying them medical care or disability pensions. People who "support the troops" do not take veterans' psychiatric records from their post-traumatic stress disorder treatments to leak to others to try to slander them. Coalitions are not "coups." Deregulating capitalism does not produce a utopian society. The First Nations people are not lying there, freezing on the sidewalk, giggling into their shirt-sleeves about how they've stolen all your money. You cannot simultaneously cheer the police brutality at the G20, mock and deride the protesters, and then pontificate about how the protesters  should be grateful that they live in a free country where they have the right to protest.

Every single goddamned thing that comes out of their mouths is stupid nonsense. And it's time we, as a people, pushed back against them. The ONLY reason that these babbling imbeciles have any traction in society is because our genuine masters see their stupidities as useful for the manipulation of society. The dumbing-down of our culutre and the demonization of scapegoats invented by racist morons helps to perpetuate their control. I for one am done with even pretending to be civil to this scum.


Unknown said...

I don't know who you are, but I think we would get along well.
I have been fighting these fools for years and most recently in a chat room where you can't express your disgust for them without getting moderated and if you are even 'slightly' blunt, you can be sanctioned for weeks and months and even a year. All of which I have been.
Of course when I say to them for instance 'we'll meet and discus this", or, "how about I pick you up and take you to a Rez and you can spew the same shit to the people face to face", well suddenly they disappear or change the subject.

I even went to another chat room where there are no moderations and told them to talk to me there, but NONE of them will. That puts them in the category of pure cowards!

They're adult children who have never left the school yard and who unfortunetly didn't have parents with any integrity or morals. The internet has allowed them a voice they would never open in public because they know there are repercussions for LIES in 'real' life.
The truth is I don't give a rat's ass about the chat room but it does bother me to no end that this pond scum (no offense to the real thing that does have a purpose in life), that they spread their hatred to others, neighbours, family, fellow workers and worst of all to children.

Hang in there and keep the faith.

thwap said...


I have a strong feeling that you're right.

I've started to call these cowardly, ignorant fuckers out in 3-d and using my real name on mainstream news sites.

So far, none of these bloviators has been willing to stand beside their anonymous comments.

The internet gives them opportunities but something tells me that previous versions of society found a way to reward such useful idiots.