Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Too Awesome

You might remember my post from a couple of days ago - "The Awesome Canadian." It was about the mindset of those right-wing deluded fucks who genuinely believe (in their own fucked-up way) that there's no racism against the First Nations in Canada and that all the problems those people suffer are all their own fault and the result of their refusal to assimilate to "Canadian values." It's about that mindset, but it was triggered by the comments at the CBC News website about Julian Fantino's ham-handed freezing of Canadian aid to Haiti, wherein the same mindset that semi-honestly believes there's no racism in Canada and we're all sweetness and light to the First Nations (those dirty, drunken, daughter-fucking degenerates) also believes that Canada has been more than generous to Haiti, but those voodoo-swilling darkies just have to learn about their own boot-straps, because the hard-working Canadian taxpayer simply can't afford to continue subsidizing them out of the white-guilt inside libtard/leftard hearts.

Anyway, I wanted a picture to accompany my rant so I google-image searched "Awesome Canadian" and picked a shot of Don Cherry, because isn't he the poster-boy for those pieces-of-shit?

And then, wholly-fukkin-kriest! What do we see in the papers today?

"Don Cherry suggests Canada's $49.5M Haiti aid is 'nuts.'

I won't copy anything from the article. It's just a bunch of stupid crap about what a stupid shit-for-brains like Don Cherry thinks on a subject he knows nothing about.

But can I call 'em or what?


Owen Gray said...

Cherry's comments are completely in character, thwap. They're embarrassing.

One hopes the world does not take him to be a "typical Canadian."

thwap said...


I think he's becoming a reject here as well. (Although his fans will scream all the louder to deny that fact.)

By the way: Your earlier Cherry comment got sent to the wrong blog post, but i answered it there.