Friday, January 25, 2013

And Successive Federal Governments Threw Money at Corrupt Indian Chiefs, why exactly???

 So, it dawned on me this morning, that the "Awesome Canadians" believe that there's no racism in Canada against the First Nations. I mean, sure, we used to kidnap them and forced our religion and culture on them, while denying them their own, and some of the residential schools were full of sexual sadists and pretty much all of the residential schools were in such deplorable, unsanitary condition that sometimes more than half the children died of tuberculosis, whereupon their bodies were dumped in mass graves, ... but that's all water under the bridge. Forgive and forget, the "Awesome Canadians" always say. (At least when it comes to their own fuck-ups.)

So, their way of explaining the hideous conditions and sufferings on many First Nations reserves is corruption on the part of their Chiefs. Because Canada is NOT RACIST. The federal government is NOT COLONIALIST. All these terms are just leftard inventions fomented from stupid white guilt and hippy bullshit fantasies.

If anything (or so their deluded hypocritical fantasies will have it) the "Awesome Canadians" are the ones who are truly standing up for the regular folks among the First Nations by decrying the corruption of their leadership.

Corrupt leadership is the reason for those terrible conditions.(Oh, and okay, a stupid desire to want old treaties respected, and a back-asswards view of how the world works, and alcoholism and laziness and a whole host of other failings, ... What???? They're NOT RACIST! They're not racist goddamit! They're AWESOME!!!!)

Right. Corrupt First Nations leadership. Year after year, decade after decade, non-racist, non-colonialist federal governments shoveled money to 'em despite their criminal failure to provide adequate housing, clean drinking water, decent schools, or even account for where all the money went. And our federal governments threw this money away, decade after decade because ... um, ... because of what exactly?

First Nations "terrorism"? Nope. Things like Oka, Ipperwash, Caledonia, only happen when we try to steal something new from them. For the most part, the First Nations don't like going out and risking arrest. Especially at the orders of a corrupt Band Chief (as the "Awesome Canadians" would have it).

For votes? Nope. Spending money on the First Nations is not a vote-getter in this racist country.

Some sort of vague, divorced from the facts, murky, complicated, not really thought out sort of process whereby problems are devilishly wonderful at evading solutions? Yeah! That's the ticket! Just like the way the "Middle East Peace Process" is just an ongoing, impossible muddle, with Israel wanting peace, but the Palestinians being blood-crazed murderous fanatics who can't seem to stop lobbing their pathetic rockets over the wall and threatening Israel's very existence. (Very often, you'll notice that the right-wing "Awesome Canadians" answer to something hinges on a genocide. "Wipe 'em all out! That'll solve the problem!")

It's not the case that the federal government is trying to avoid its treaty obligations, and harass and mismanage the whole reserve system so that the First Nations people will give up and surrender to us and assimilate on their own?

To conceive of that simple truth, the "Awesome Canadians" would have to do a complete U-turn and understand that in most long-standing conflicts between the strong and the weak, it is the strong who are the aggressors, not the weak. In other words, the "Awesome Canadians" would have to take their heads out of their asses, and that will never happen.