Sunday, January 6, 2013

Have I Got Your Number Then, harperscum trolls?

So, let's see if we're clear here. Chief Spence of Attawapiskat is corrupt. That's why her reserve has been crying out for years and years, for a goddamned school and for houses for people whose homes are mold-infested hellholes? Because for years and years she's been corrupt? And now her very public hunger-strike is an attempt by her to sweep her (so-far) unverifiable transgressions under the carpet?


Okay. Whatever. But what of the fact that for the majority of these years the federal government has co-managed Attawapiskat??

Oh! I see! It's entirely possible that the federal government has all sorts of hoops to jump through before they can move against some corrupt NDN who takes advantage of "The Indian Act."

Oh but wait! Couldn't the same logic justify Chief Spence's inability to get the federal co-manager to sign-off on needed housing spending?

So, you're prepared to believe the party of an MP who forced teenaged Aboriginal girls to suck his cock, is that it?

Let's get down to brass tacks here mother-fuckers [and i mean that sincerely] ... you're the same fuckers who sided against the First Nations led by Dudley George when they finally re-occupied their own reserve after FIFTY YEARS of peaceful petitioning, ... aren't you?

How about we forget it? How about I dismiss you as racist fuckwads and vow to goddamned BREAK YOU as any sort of political force?

Yeah. That works for me.


Troy Thomas said...

After seven years of audits that found no wrong doing by the band, too.
And since the auditor wasn't finding what Harper wanted, he went and found a more... negotiable firm.

thwap said...

No doubt. They all wash each others' backs.

Beijing York said...

Harper and his thugs have no shame in parading and promoting their racism. It underscores every move they've made since the so-called "apology". Disgusting, especially since too many of the victims believed he was sincere.

thwap said...

Beijing York,

I'm starting to get the idea that this whole political bowel movement half-believes their arguments about First Nations' incapacity.

But, once again, their racism is what prevents them from beginning to learn the truth.