Saturday, January 19, 2013

Getting With The Program

 So, ... it seems important for me to remind everybody that our political opponents, for the most part, actually believe all the nutty stuff that they say. Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. $3 billion "gravy trains" at Toronto City Hall. Radical left-wing kooks all decided to go into studying the climate in order to concoct the global warming hoax and destroy capitalism and democracy. If we make it difficult to get guns only the criminals will have guns. It's better to make it easy for everyone to get a gun and then the citizenry can have fair gun fights with the criminals who can now buy their guns at the corner store.

The right-wing appears to believe that the world is a fair place where people who work hard can rise to the top. (Except for the fact that all our politicians are crooks who punish success and destroy the economy with their taxes and regulations and corruption.) You see, whereas the left-wing believe that the Palestinians are being oppressed and robbed, the right-wing tends to think that the Palestinians are just crazy sand-niggers who haven't accepted that they've lost and they should stop firing rockets at Israel and start building a country out of the scraps of land the Israelis have magnanimously allowed them to keep.

The left-wing believes that European colonialism, whereby the lands of numerous peoples were stolen and given to white settlers, their resources plundered and their populations plunged into misery and famine, was a bad thing, the right-wing seems to believe that European colonialism gave the colonized the blessings of civilization and Christianity and that, say, if Barack Obama's father didn't like colonialism it was some kind of mental sickness or the product of personal failure or incapacity. (And he may have passed his mental problems on to his son!!!!)

The left-wing believes that racism is a major problem all over the world but especially in our own North America. Blacks, First Nations, Latinos and Muslims are all targeted with over-policing and discriminatory treatment. All non-white, non-Anglo Saxon people are documented as being thought of as less employable than white, Anglo-Saxon job candidates by the majority of employers. The right-wing believes that racism is a figment of jealous people's imaginations. Except when non-white people complain about white people. Or when lib/leftards insult non-white people by giving them special treatment because (according to the right-wing) lib/leftards think non-white people are incapable of achieving anything on a level playing field. Yes, indeedy-do! Lib/leftards MUST think that non-white people are inferior and all their talk of racism and documented studies of discriminatory treatment in the job market are a cover-story for how we really think non-white people are just uniformly "special-needs" people!

After a while, getting into the swamp of right-wing delusions and inconsistencies makes one's head spin.

Pardon me for a second while I recover my equilibrium.



So, the point of today's post is that the non-racist right-wingers who say that Canada isn't a racist country and all the First Nations have to do is drop the sad pretence that they're "nations" with viable cultures and join the Canadian mainstream that would welcome them with open arms are genuine in their blinkered beliefs.

"We're not racist dammit!"

"You make that accusation because you don't want to argue based on the goddamned FACTS!!"

Case in point is their criticism of the reserve system. "Yes, the conditions on those remote reserves are deplorable. But that's because of mismanagement by their corrupt First Nations leadership. (And only by this First Nations leadership. The federal government has simply stood by, decade after decade, shipping out hundreds of millions of dollars annually to these crooks, unable to stand up against the massive weight of liberal white guilt leftard bullshit until, THANK FUCKING GOD stephen harper, the greatest prime minister in a generation, decided to pull the plug on the whole process and demand some GODDAMNED ACCOUNTABILITY from those corrupt First Nations leaders who are condemning their own people to misery and suicide! And, who's kidding who? There's no jobs up in those remote hell-holes. The whole thing is based on the leftards accommodating these illiterate alcoholics that they can still pretend to be 'nations.' As long as they stay on their reserves where nothing happens and where there are no jobs, they'll be unemployed. It's as simple as that."

So, yesterday, I posted three videos. One of them started by saying that although Aboriginals are only 2% of Toronto's population, they constitute 30% of Toronto's homeless population. Hmmm. Wait a minnit! If those First Nations peoples are in Toronto, they're not on the reserves! What's up with that? Why are they so disproportionately homeless?

"It's very simple. They're all alcoholic losers who refuse to take responsibility for their own lives. They've decided that life on the streets is preferable to sobering up and working. Furthermore, as long as the leftards continue to support them with their social programs and their Native Community Centres, they'll continue to enjoy their lives of poverty, unemployment, homelessness, incarceration, prostitution and suicide. It's all their own damned fault and the fault of their leftard enablers!"

I really hate these fucking right-wing, racist turds.

[NOTE: I really want to make it clear that I'm not trying to portray the First Nations as helpless victims. There are thousands upon thousands of success stories all achieved in spite of the racism of Canadian society. But these statistics do exist and these attitudes do exist and that's what I'm focusing on here.]


Owen Gray said...

If anything good comes of this fight, thwap, it will be that Canadians finally recognize the difference between their ideals and their reality.

There is a deep vein of racism which runs through this country.

karen said...

I'm not on twitter, but I have been thinking about starting a facebook meme called: "you might be a racist if:"

Simon said...

hi thwap...great post. And yeah it is hard to keep your equilibrium when we are buffeted by the bullshit from the right. For it's a tsunami of insanity and you don't know where to begin.
As for the native story, I can honestly say that I have never seen such a foul torrent of bigotry. It has shaken me to my core, and I can see Harper and his filthy Cons riding it for all it's worth. I see his polls have gone up a bit in the last few weeks, and I haven't the slightest doubt his anti-native stance is responsible for that.
We really are living in a sewer, but hopefully it will make progressives fight even harder to liberate us from this nightmare...

thwap said...


You're right about that. When all this is over, a good portion of these imbeciles will look back on what they wrote, said and thought, and be ashamed.

Half of them though, are hopeless. Because racism is really the product of stupidity and ignorance and they're just to far gone for facts and logic to reach.

thwap said...


Yeah. Some people deny up and down that they're racist. But it's like the joke: "You'd be paranoid too if everyone was trying to get you!"

"It's not racist if the group of people you're talking about really are a bunch of genetically-inferiors!"

thwap said...


Sadly, I think you're right. I'll be giving a talk in front of a 3d audience soon. I finally got that off the ground.

I'll see if it'll be the start of something big.

But I believe some of these people are salvageable. But for too long the left has tried to win over "undecideds" (or whatever y'wanna call 'em) by watering down their message until it's nothing.

The right-wing has succeeded by unleashing their inner animals and thereby moving the conversation rightward.

They call for the execution of minors for certain crimes and that extreme becomes the goal-post. We call for the preservation of youth courts in response.

We've got to start using strong language and calling for radical solutions.

An important difference is that our solutions are going to work while theirs are a bunch of stupid nonsense.

double nickel said...

Sounds like you've been talking to some of my family members :( For a good look at the racist reality of this country, check out the story on CBC Manitoba regarding a column written in a Morris MB newspaper. Unbelievable, but oddly no one commenting thinks they are racist.

thwap said...

God bless her, but my 82-year old mother says we should all be grateful to the First Nations.

You've given me my topic for today double nickel.