Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Awesome Canadian

 I'm not even going copy and paste the anonymous comments from mainstream websites about Chief Spence and "Idle No More." We all know the drill. They say that there is NO racism in Canada. The problems that the First Nations suffer (poverty, alcoholism, suicide, homelessness, high incarceration rates, prostitution, child abuse, unemployment, etc.,) are all their own fault. The need for change is entirely with them. Mainstream Canada would welcome them with open arms if they would only choose to abandon their retrograde cultures and assimilate. Oh! If only they would make that choice! But n-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o! Instead they choose to be poor or homeless or unemployed or stuck in solitary confinement while in prison. They choose that life and Canadian society does nothing to put them there or keep them there. You can rise as high as you want to in Canada. We're a colour-blind society after all.

Guess what? The existence of successful First Nations individuals proves their case! It works this way: A white Canadian male born in Forest Hill, Toronto and a white male born in an working class family in Sydney, Nova Scotia both have the EXACT SAME chances in life. Canada is a pure meritocracy and ... oh my fucking god it's too stupid to even continue in this line.

Right. So, as I said, we all know the way their deluded fantasies play out. And we've heard a lot of this bullshit in response to "Idle No More."

And I guess that's why the comments section to this CBC story about International Embarrassment Minister Julian Fantino really struck me. It seems Fantino paid a visit to Haiti recently and was appalled by what he saw. So he froze all Canadian financial aid to Haiti, and told the Canadian Press about this before telling other involved individuals such as Canada's ambassador to Haiti. The awesome brigade of awesome Canadians who are awesome in their self-reliant and responsible awesomeness was moved to comment:
I agree with Mr. Fantino, and I even want to go further than to say there is a lack of progress in the Island. There is a vacuum of leadership that has been crippling this small nation in every level. For almost 70 years, this small nation has been moving backward. Its leaders have always been a cluster of demagogues and vagabonds. They do not have the national interest of this nation and always used the under-privilege as their vehicle to channel and implement their detrimental egocentric views. This current group is the worst of all, and I can believe Michael Jean is defending them. As a matter of fact, she should question how this group arrived in power. Canada is doing well if it blocks its flow of foreign aids to Haiti. I hope other nations fallow Canada footstep.

I rarely agree with the policies of this government ,but I have to side with its decision. Haiti has received tens of billions in aid for decades. The results are always the same. No progress;corruption and obstruction from the Haitian government. There is no denying it. It's all well documented.
Haiti has had far more than its fair share of Canadian and foreign aid,and the results... well we all know what they are.
There are far to many countries on this planet that deserve their chance to improve their lot through foreign aid. Haiti must ,in the end, pick itself up through its own efforts.
Just take a lot at the Dominican Republic ,it received a fraction of the foreign aid Haiti received ,yet it's light years ahead.
Enough is enough.
Send our aid to countries that demonstrate some real progress .

This is great news and about time the goverment grew a set and question not only donation to Haiti but all countries that receive donations from us. When they asked Bill Clinton were the 250 million went that his organization raised he would not answer. If you search and see what countries Canada donates too search that country and see the multi million dollar homes these politicians live in, Haiti's president's home is rebuild and is worth 22 million bucks .Accountability and time for you to move your country forward and not at Canadian tax payers expense.
Awesome isn't it? Just as we're completely non-racist and would welcome our First Nations brothers and sisters to join the awesome community that is Canada if they would only abandon their self-destructive culture of First Nationness, which is the sole culprit behind their often terrible social indicators, so too is the plight of the Haitians entirely their own fault and we, in our awesomeness have actually been more than generous to them!

Thankfully, there are also comments from people who don't have their heads up their asses and who know at least something of Haiti's history, including Canada's role in overthrowing the one president in recent decades who wasn't a kleptocrat. It's just that I've been hearing so much from these self-satisfied pricks and their denial of racism, history and reality that the similarities really got to me.

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