Monday, January 14, 2013

Chief Spence Preparing For Death

According to APTN News:
Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence has signed off on her will and is prepared for death, APTN National News has been told.
Spence’s will includes a description of who will care for her daughters and she has also signed off on directions requesting non-intervention if her health takes a turn for the worse. The documents are in the hands of her lawyer, aides told APTN National News.
harper and the rest of the racist stooges in this country are banking on Chief Spence's actions being mere theatre. I fear that they have so denigrated and belittled this woman that they won't realize she's a human being, dedicated to a noble cause, who will not relent until it's too late.

Besides APTN News, don't forget to follow âpihtawikosisân and Indigenous Nationhood (Pam Palmater's blog) which I added to my own blogroll today.

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Gloria said...

Harper idolizes China. He is giving Canada to China. Harper is impressed by China. Their people have no Human Rights, what-so-ever. Harper's omnibull bill, gives China the right to sue, any Canadians getting in China's way. China sued in BC, to take the mining jobs. Harper is planning China's takeover, of the rich resources in the High Arctic.

Harper's omnibull bill, gives himself the right to destroy, waterways, fish and F.N. hunting grounds. Harper can force pollution, on every province he chooses to. Neither Canadians in the 99% nor the F.N. people, have any rights.

Make no mistake. Harper is a monster, a Dictator, of the worst kind. The F.N. or any of us trust Harper? Not on your Nelly.