Sunday, January 20, 2013

CBC Manitoba

double nickel has informed me about a story on CBC Manitoba about the controversy behind the racist comments at the Morris Mirror, the local newspaper in Morris Manitoba:
In a one-paragraph comment, which appeared earlier this week in the Mirror, Turcotte gave a "thumbs down" to the Idle No More movement and wrote that some aboriginals "are demanding unrealistic expectations of the government and … in some cases, natives are acting like terrorists in their own country. Indians/natives want it all but corruption and laziness prevent some of them from working for it."
d.n. referred me to the CBC Manitoba comments section and how so many of the commentators don't even acknowledge their own racism. Happily, by the time I got to it the tone of the latest comments had changed:
Morris has a gem for a mayor....people should try to access some factual and relevant information regarding First Nations before commenting...haven't you noticed the media saying the same thing day after day after day....'chief spence' has become their poster girl for 'lets find fault with the indians to deflect from the real facts'...if they had more 'dirt' they'd be using it...instead story after story has been about government corruption. The only intelligent reports have come from the First Nations themselves... I want to details, historical details, environmental/scientific details not this silly ' he said, she said, gossip, and tabloid tales. The word on the streets is that scientists, professors, social service workers, teachers, health care workers and yes, even Aboriginals all seem to be angry with Harper's underhanded ways....seems like the government and the media has everyone barking up the wrong tree.....wonder who he is going to 'pick off' next...maybe someone in Morris. the truth is out there...go and get it!!!!
Unbelievable. Wouldn't be surprised if they dusted off their white hats and started parading up and down their streets. I feel sorry for their children, who most likely will inherit the views of their parents. Thankfully, the real Canadian history is now being taught in our schools, so there is hope for the little ones.
To say that you disagree with the Idle No More movement is one thing. Yes, blocking a railroad is illegal and should be addressed accordingly. But to say that these people are "acting like terrorists" is indeed crossing the line. Terrorists blow up bridges, plant explosives in public places, shoot guns into crowds and kidnap innocent people; all with the goal of creating "terror" in those they are targeting. The last time I checked, Idle No More is doing none of the above. Having passionate debate about the issues is one thing. Making all encompassing, sweeping statements about an entire group of citizens is juvenile at best. "Acting like terrorists"?!! Get real!! 
Sadly, going back through the comments I saw some of the self-righteous, annoying nonsense that d. n. was talking about. I shan't reprint any of it here. We all know the score and I've channeled enought of that drivel here in the last few days.

Anyhoo, I'm about to conduct some quick research.I'm going to go to Google University and see what I can find for "Canadian federal mismanagement of aboriginal reserves":

Holy fuck! A whole lot of racist, right-wing bullshit about how treating the First Nations differently because they're different nations with their own sovereignty and we owe them treaty obligations is the real racism.

This article from the "Red" Star looks interesting though:
But a Star investigation has found the situation on many reserves is becoming increasingly dire.
This, even though the federal government gives about $7 billion a year to First Nations and has added 2,000 bureaucrats to Indian Affairs over the past 15 years.
Mismanagement and poverty have long been problems on many reserves. As has the reality that the daily efforts of the country’s fifth largest bureaucracy — Indian and Northern Affairs — have failed to better the lives of the 430,000 status Indians on those reserves, many of whom live in Canada’s most deprived communities.
And now, Indian Affairs statistics show the gap in quality of life between those living on reserves and the rest of Canada is getting worse.
That story has links to other Star investigations. They look worth checking out.

Now I'll try "liberal neglect first nations":

This is all I got from the first results page.

How about "per capital social services Canadians aboriginals"?



Gloria said...

Some people rival Goebbels propaganda machine, and his hate speech towards the Jewish people.

Some of us can see, our own rights are being stomped on. Canadian people have any say in this country? Convince me.

There are those of us, who support the F.N. people. Chief Spence is speaking for all of us. However, don't expect others, to see that fact.

thwap said...


I'm writing to my MP to express my concern but also to warn him and his government of usurpers that there will be a firestorm if Chief Spence dies.