Sunday, January 13, 2013

An Insane and Degenerate Political Culture

This country is sick. The Canadian body-politic is sick. I still  believe that most of the racist trolls denigrating "Idle No More" and Chief Spence are a minority of from 20-30% of the population. But I now think that the majority of Canadians sympathizes more with them than with progressives on the First Nations.

I think, for the most part, that Canada's intellectual culture is too childish, ignorant, and, yes, racist, to process the reality of the condition of the First Nations in this country.

The majority of Canadians are so self-centered and ignorant that they're unable to process that harper and his government are shitty economic managers. The meme that it's the Left that screws up the economy in the pursuit of hippy-dippy values is alive and well in most Canadians' hearts.

This country has managed to allow our governments to commit war crimes and to use torture against human beings, citizen and non-citizen alike.

This country is unable to process that harper and the harper scum have eviscerated democracy in this country.

This is a sick, childish country. We're only the slightest bit above US Americans as a people (insofar as the quality of our political culture goes) by the grace of Quebec nationalism, the remnants of social democratic values and institutions, and by the relative weakness of our political and corporate elite compared to the USA's ruling classes.

We have our work cut out for us. That's for damned sure.


bcwaterboy said...

The whole situation is so telling in the blatant double standard being applied to Spence and the Idle no More movement. I'm still in shock that the likes of Airshow McKay and Gazebo Clement still have jobs in light of their blatant breach of the public trust and looting of the treasury. But people other than the white male are held to different standards and are either fired or ceremoniously smeared in the media. The utterly disgraceful attack on Spence is as low as the government and media have gone in quite a while.

thwap said...

The only consolation is the realization that the reason the mask is slipping is because the situation is in crisis.

The louder they bray, and the cruder their smears, the more frightened and threatened we are.

This whole regime of government spying and attempting to rehabilitate arbitrary detention and torture is a sign of their desperation.

What we have to do is educate sane Canadians who have been lulled into apathy by a media that for the most part refuses to do its job and tell them how much their governments are overreaching.

Gloria said...

I read. ICC's Chief Prosecutor found Harper guilty of, stonewalling and blocking evidence on his part, in the torture of the Detainee's. Harper prorogued Parliament, so he wouldn't have to answer for his crimes. ICC left it up to the RCMP, to pursue that investigation. Of course the RCMP did not do so. Harper belongs in prison, for many, many reasons.

Harper's omnibull bill, giving Canada to Communist China. Permitting China to bring over, their cheap labor. Harper permitting all company's, to hire that cheap labor. Permitting Red China, to sue any Canadians getting in their way. China sued in BC, to take the mining jobs.

Harper planning with China, our rich resources in the High Arctic? Don't plan on getting those jobs either.

Harper's omnibull bill, permitting himself, to pollute waterways, fish and F.N. hunting grounds. Harper has given himself permission, to pollute any part of Canada he chooses too. This of course is for China's benefit. This gives China, a very easy takeover of Canada.

Harper and his CommieCons are all Traitors to Canada. Giving our country to Red China, seems like Treason to me? Neither the Liberals nor the NDP, have spoken against Harper's sellout of Canada to Red China.

However, we also see the opposing party's permitting Harper, to be a Traitor to Canada.

The only Politician I heard to speak against Harper's treachery, was Elizabeth May.

Beijing York said...

I am hoping that IDM and Chief Spence continue to garner international media attention. I hope they comment on the blatant racism not only limited to comments but found on editorial pages in commercial publications across the country.

I hope disdain for Canada's policies grows to blotch our reputation and place us in the same company as Apartheid South Africa. And kudos to those chiefs who are standing 100% behind Chief Spence and are planning to approach investors with the truth, Harper's abrogation of their treaty and aboriginal rights.

thwap said...


I want to see harper in a prison cell before ten years have passed. he should die in prison.

Are we to be a democratic people or a nation of chumps and scape-goating, fearful idiots?

thwap said...

Beijing York,

That's an important point. Any "investor" who doesn't bother to educate themself about the constitutional and legal realities in this country deserves to lose their investment.

If you start a project that relies on having carte blanche to pollute the FN lands, you are sadly mistaken.