Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Them or Us

Just been reading about how the usual suspects are pressuring Chief Spence to end her fast while doing sweet fuck all to pressure stephen harper and the GG to meet with her. It's the Canadian Way, I suppose. You know; if there's rampant electoral fraud and the "Contempt of Parliament Party" squeaks out a bullshit majority based on 6,000 votes, and how do we react? We sit picking our noses while the captured Elections Canada conducts a cover-up investigation. No. Keep it as "cover-up."

Elections Canada conducts a cover-up.

Just like Parliament did with the war crimes in Afghanistan.

So, Chief Spence, tired of the racist injustices imposed upon her by the colonialist government of Canada, tired of the insults and the innuendos, tired of her people freezing while she's unable to access the resources to do anything about it, goes on a hunger-strike (after her state of emergency declaration was taken advantage of by the corrupt war criminal anti-democrat stephen harper) and everyone starts telling Chief Spence to stop rocking the boat!

"Chief Spence! We're Canadians! We don't do anything unless it's completely ineffectual!"

Thomas Mulcair tells her to stop her hunger-strike and he'll continue to "put pressure" on harper to do the right thing. What "pressure" are you talking about Mulcair? Don't bother answering. I already know you have no idea. Empty, meaningless rhetoric.

More though, I am quite literally INFURIATED by the racist crap that falls from the mouths of the cretinous harpercon trolls in the comments section to that story.

Enough is enough. What sort of country are we going to have? Theirs or ours?

Is this a country that covers up war crimes such as torture? Is this a country that throws tens of billions of dollars down a rat-hole to prop-up murderous criminal dictatorships? Is this a country that respects treaties it signs on to or not? Is this a country that allows its governments to deny citizens their Charter rights? Is this a country that hides $35-40 billion dollar purchases from Parliament and lies about it to the electorate in the middle of an election?

Are we going to tolerate this buffoonery and thuggery in our elections?

Are we going to tolerate contempt for Parliament as a full-time process?

Are we going to let these hypocritical, racist pieces of shit speak for Canada or are we going to destroy their political bowel movement?

It's them or us. Their future for Canada, of racism, murder, torture, and corruption and eco-suicide and injustice and disaster, or ours, of equality, respect for human rights, democratic oversight and ecological sanity?


Gloria said...

The comments rival. Goebbels propaganda machine, and his hate speech towards the Jewish people.

Needless to say, Chief Spence speaks for all of us. Harper's Omnibull Bill gives himself the right to intrude on, waterways, fish and F.N. hunting grounds. They don't understand Harper can invade our own farmlands, ranches, our lakes and rivers too. All for the benefit of Communist China.

They don't even see, Harper's Omnibull Bill, gives Red China the right to sue, any Canadians getting in China's way. China sued in BC, to take the mining jobs.

China's minimum wage is, $236 per month. The people can't see....Harper wants Canadian wages, knocked way down. Permitting all company's, to hire that cheap slave labor, will just do that.

The resources China isn't taking, the U.S, is. The Keystone pipeline, goody, goody, jobs on both sides of the border. Wrong. Premier Redford made a deal long ago, to hire American war vets, and laid off U.S. oil workers.

We are trying to do what we can, for Chief Spence. Believe you me. Harper is one evil monster.

Dr. Atomic said...

Infuriated by the comments in the comments section? Try dealing with it from your own family. The father's side of my family is absolutely filled with racist hicks who take every opportunity to express their contempt for First Nations and immigrants ("Dem' immigrants takin' our jerrrbs!!!") Think your stereotypical redneck, the sort of person who sits in Tim Hortons with a John Deer hat on his head and is all too happy to tell just what the hell is wrong with this country. Which, according to him, usually involves brown-skinned people.

I should also point out that I live in Saskatchewan, referred to by some as the "Mississippi of the North." We're talking about a province where the KKK once gained a significant foothold, where a large portion of the population despises anything that's outside whatever hick town they grew up in.

First Nations will always be a thorn in the sides of these people. No doubt a lot of them wish that "all dem' indians" would just die already so they can have lower taxes.

thwap said...


harper is selling us out. Obama wants to do the same thing to the US working class and the European elites want to do the same thing to their own people.

What the shit-heads haven't figured out is that their economic system requires maximum consumption. Methinks their class hatred has affected their rationality.

thwap said...

Dr. Atomic,

You have my sympathies. Some of my older relatives say nasty things about the Muslims but, thankfully, nothing stupid about the First Nations.