Sunday, January 27, 2013

Freedom and Human Rights

So I saw this YouTube video via Sister Sage, and I thought that, well, the first thing then is that a lot of these trolls' comments will dry-up after the taxpayer money spigot has been turned off. Secondly, that when we get power in this country we will destroy the Conservative Party of Canada as a political force by legitimate means and not through such cowardly skulldudgery as they use. But finally, and most importantly, that we should never be afraid of the consequences of free speech except the social ones if we're genuinely offensive, or the legal ones in cases of slander or libel.

As opposed to a genuinely fascist state, Canada allows me to say such things as "stephen harper is an asshole" without fear of reprisals. We should all recognize, embrace and defend this right. We should defend our right to say it in the streets without being the target of authoritarian goons such as our police forces have allowed themselves to become. Federal employees, especially scientists, should be allowed to report on their findings without worrying about manipulating, corrupt, corporate-state scuzz-balls hovering around them. Employees, .... workers of all stripes should be fearless in their expression of their opinions in the workplace.

We have to recognize and understand what freedom is and work to preserve and expand it.


meadowlark said...

No Dictator will permit anything getting out to the public, that doesn't go through them first. All Dictator are controlling.

Goebbels and his propaganda machine, permitted no bad press about Hitler, what-so-ever. Hitler was so paranoid he made a law, no other Political Party was permitted in Germany. Don't doubt for the minute, Harper wouldn't do the same, if he could get away with it.

Canadians who think, they have rights in this country, are dead wrong. Our Canadian Democracy is vanishing. Our Civil Rights and Freedoms, have been taken from us. Our Freedom of Speech is under attack. Our Human Rights are being eroded.

Harper's Omnibull bill, gives Communist China the right to sue any Canadians, blocking China's intrusion into Canada. China sued in BC, to take the mining jobs. Harper is planning China's takeover in the High Arctic, as well as the tar sands.

If the people of BC and the F.N. people, try to block the Enbridge pipeline, China will sue, with Harper's permission.

Harper is a tyrant and a Dictator, with no morals nor ethics, what-so-ever. We would have to force ourselves, to go down to Harper's level, to get rid of him.

thwap said...


That's just the sort of thing that I was talking about.

You aren't going to get a knock on the door for having said all that about harper.

We are able to publish stuff online without fear of arrest and torture.

We need to restrain our sense of victimization and call our political system for what it is. The more you say it's hopeless and fascistic the less realistic you'll sound the more defeatist you'll sound.

We WILL continue to lose our rights and freedoms if we don't organize and fight back, but putting things into perspective is crucial.

fem_progress said...

Harper will simply defund the other parties so they go bankrupt while playing his violin about the public purse.

Owen Gray said...

Our present government will argue that we can't free speech, thwap.

The line is, "we can't afford whatever we oppose"