Saturday, January 26, 2013

Don't Feed the Trolls!!!

I notice with considerable consternation, that the troll has returned to Saskboy's comments section. The individual in question will obnoxiously guffaw over the slightest errors (either real or the product of a deliberate misreading of what someone says) but lapses into cowardly silence when its own inconsistencies or contradictions or stupid mistakes are pointed out to it in no uncertain terms.

Purple Library Guy (who is one smart cookie) typed an extended lesson in politics to said troll who dismissed it with the most laughable grabbing at straws imaginable.

Don't feed the trolls!

Indeed. Ban them.

I think I'll refrain from reading the comments to Dr. Dawg's posts. It literally sickens me to see that vile troll K babbling stupidly and citing Michelle Malkin or Katy Shaidle to back up his cretinism.

Don't feed the trolls! Ban them.

Whose country is this going to be? Theirs or ours?


meadowlark said...

I do the opposite. I feed the trolls, until they fall into my pit. Then I trounce them, with their own stupidity. Most of them are very stupid. They do no research what-so-ever. They shoot their mouths off, before their brains are in gear. Seems trolls are the best Harper can do. It's very easy to set trolls up, to fall in your pit. I find them laughable. Then I send their comments, to friends and relatives overseas. They are horrified. This is the true Harper Canada. What else can I say?

thwap said...


Well, in the early days of this blog I had an imbecile called "Wayne" who was about as stupid as they come. I couldn't see the point of tolerating his dropped turds. There was no entertainment value in it at all.

"K" isn't entertainingly stupid. He's just vile. He types the most hateful, racist garbage. Poisonous to read. It's like a swastika spray-painted on the side of your house to let him comment on your blog.

Saskboy's troll has half a brain and sometimes has a point, but he's so fucking obnoxious and then he lies or, as I said, clams up when he's been exposed.

I was going to ask how you knew who their family and friends were, but now I realize that you're sending their comments to your own family and friends. I'd like to track some of these fuckers down.