Saturday, May 18, 2013

Conservatives on Crack

You know, I've said elsewhere that given the fact that US-American right-wingers have embraced draft-dodging, adopted daughter banging, brood of abandoned children spawning, intellectual and moral degenerate Ted Nugent as one of their own, simply for his gun-loving, vegetarian-hating, chickenhawk ways, ... it seems entirely plausible that Canadian "conservatives" would stand by their boy Rob Ford even if the alleged crack smoking video was released and played for them on a giant IMAX screen.

But just for the record (not like it matters given their hypocrisy and stubborn loyalty to their own) but I think it's officially time for these drooling half-wits to retire their whole "corrupt Liberals" meme.

Patrick Brazeau, Mike Duffy, Rob Ford, Bruce [Paul?] Carson [the old dude with the 20-something wife who tried to extort the First Nations]; and on and on: Tony Clement, ... ah, the whole gang of shit. They're now "The Corrupt Conservatives."


Owen Gray said...

When folks like Pierre Poilievre claim that the "root cause of terrorism is terrorists," thwap, you know you're working with a shallow gene pool.

thwap said...

My riding is a contest between Libs and Cons. Evidently there were allegations of fraud against John Carmichael's campaign and his very narrow victory.

Is your riding a solid Conservative riding? If so, ... why the fuck is that?