Monday, May 27, 2013


At one point in his extended temper tantrum on his wingnut radio program, Councillor Doug Ford disparaged his council colleagues:
Coun. Ford suggested that most of his fellow councillors would be unemployable if they weren't in the positions they were at City Hall.
"Do you know something, Rob? I'll tell you right now, the vast majority couldn't get a job. I'll tell you that right now and that's fact," he said.
That's rich, coming from a guy who inherited the family firm. To be fair though, Doug is apparently capable of being the boss of a firm that is well up and running. Perhaps he acquired his business sense in the alleged career as a drug dealer that the Globe & Mail describes.

But when it comes to genuinely unemployable, perhaps Doug should look at the sweating, wheezing, bullying drunken fool of a brother he has sitting in the mayor's chair.

What a couple of pecker-heads.


Some Old Guy said...

Back in the day, out here in the wilds of Saskatchewan, I remember my dad showing me a cap that he received as a gift from the Parish & Heimbecker elevator. He told me that when the elevator agent handed it over, he reminded my dad that PH stood for Parish & Heimbecker.

NOT PeckerHead.

But the Ford boys ...

... yup.

thwap said...

No account white trash they are.