Sunday, May 12, 2013


US and European elites will intensify their efforts to destroy their fellow citizens' living conditions in the hopes of becoming even more insanely wealthy and powerful. They will succeed because the deluded, brainwashed voters in these countries will waste their time on contests between pea-brained right-wing nutbar parties and mewling, milquetoast "liberals" or "social democratic" stoops.

The elites don't worry about the debts of their governments because they own that debt and that debt is used to justify the austerity needed to wring it out of the chump majority's pockets.

But Japan will devalue the Yen and engage in hogwild stimulus spending, making North American and European products just as expensive as they always were.

China's elites will refrain from stimulating the domestic economy because their whole system is built on exploitation. Rising wages and employment levels and more secure housing would only make Chinese labour less passive and, essentially, give them ideas above their station. So China will stagnate because Europe and North America can't import as much.

Behind it all, world temperatures will rise with increasing speed, and the world's ability to sustain life (let alone civilization) will become increasingly in doubt. It's anyone's guess whether the vindication of the environmentalists will mean that environmentalists will be listened too, or whether they will be gunned down in the streets by the last gasps of the Archie Bunker brigades.


The Mound of Sound said...

You know, Thwap, all things change eventually. At some point inequality reaches a critical mass leading to unrest, potentially upheaval. Something has to give whether it's democracy or plutocracy, they simply can't co-exist forever.

The Occupy Movement was one of the most prominent demonstrations of that unrest. Some have proclaimed it a failure but it wasn't. It was merely a first chapter in a saga that's yet to unfold. OWM was not defeated, it merely withdrew. All the conditions that gave rise to it are continuing to build and worsening.

Before OWM very little attention was paid to inequality in America's major media outlets. Now the topic is front and centre, almost constantly.

I hope this all leads to reform instead of upheaval because revolt is inherently messy and history shows very unpredictable.

thwap said...


I agree 100%. But I watch how most politically active people in the USA are still wasting their time in the Repugs vs. Dems (with deluded youngsters thinking "libertarianism" is the answer) and I think we're not going to get our act together in time and when we do change it'll be for some simplistic, right-wing, corporate-backed "revolutionary" bullshit, ... and then we'll all die.