Monday, May 20, 2013

They Never Figured On stephen harper

Should the Governor General dissolve  Parliament and call a new election based on the blatant criminality of the harper regime? Technically it's possible. But the exercise of such raw power would be considered monarchical and the story of the Westminster Parliamentary System is of the gradual diminution of the monarch's power before the rising power of the people's representatives.

But to tolerate a cabal of fraudsters, installed by fraud and contemptuous of the entire system they base their authority on, it actually makes people willing to resuscitate the monarchy's power. harper has realized that the people who made the rules for our system never really considered that someone as amoral, cynical and contemptuous of democracy would ever be prime minister.


Owen Gray said...

They assumed all parliamentarians were "right honourable" people, thwap

thwap said...

That expression was often a bit of a crock, but nobody ever internalized that sentiment (that it was sometimes bullshit) and tried to act that way. Until harper. A stupid lunkhead, inspired by another stupid lunkhead; porcine ball of sleaze, Karl Rove.

Twisted criminal minds, the whole lot of them.