Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ford Nation and Obamabots

"Ford Nation" (the amorphous group of ignorant yahoos who believe that taxation is evil and that public services they like should be free and who therefore like ignorant yahoo Rob Ford) stands fairly firm at 25% of the Toronto electorate. This is even after their hero is accused of having been video recorded smoking crack with the gangsters that Ford Nation and its daily gospel the Toronto Sun refer to as the scum of the earth for the violence and mayhem and human suffering they cause.

If they were paying attention, they'd know that the Toronto Star, the Globe & Mail and the National Post have all mentioned the many blank spaces in Mayor Ford's official schedule. Ford Nation believes that their boy is the hardest working mayor Toronto has ever  seen and they therefore believe him when he says that a lot of his work is done at home or out with constituents. So, in the case of this public servant at least, actual accountability can be damned and glib assurances are A-Okay.

Of course, when news of the crack cocaine video came to light, Ford's reaction was to hide from the media. And, for one reason or another, Ford's chief of staff's response was to tell the Mayor to go to rehab to get help for his problems. (Problems which supposedly don't exist.) Later, two of his communications people abruptly quit, based (supposedly) on the nature of his statement last Friday, saying that he does not use crack and is not addicted to crack. This statement deviated widely from the one his aides had prepared and apparently was written largely by Ford and close family members.

Nonetheless, Ford Nation, by and large, continues to support their tax-fighting hero. Ignorance, indifference and hypocrisy comes with the territory of having joined Ford Nation in the first place.

In this, they are not much different from the so-called "progressives" who continue to support the monstrous Barack Obama. One difference that I do acknowledge is that Obama has legions of repulsive critics, the scuzzery of whom might distract them from the villainy of their hero. (Rob Ford has critics too. The Toronto Star is, to them, evil because it is "socialist." Socialism is evil to the denizens of Ford Nation because taxes and Ford Nation is stupid. Pinkos, artists, people who ride bicycles in the city, social workers, poor people, homeless people, non-white people who step out of line, feminists, environmentalists, public transit advocates, etc., etc., ... these generally innocuous or admirable people are the enemy to Ford Nation because Ford Nation is comprised mostly of ignorant cretins.)

As a matter-of-fact, if Ford Nation lived in the USA and had the steady diet of right-wing, fascist propaganda blaring at them as steadily as their US counterparts do, they'd be just as revolting as Obama's critics are. Obama's political opponents in the Repugnican Party stall legislation to provide disaster relief for the orphans of war veterans, cut-off basic needs for the unemployed in a recession and indulge in filibusters to prevent .01% tax increases on multi-billionaires, all to ostensibly stop the deficits that they had no problem with when their guy, the never-elected bush II was creating them.

Obama's critics in the media and among the general public are a screeching, delusional, disgusting crew of stupid racists. Obama is a seething mass of negro rage. He has inherited the irrational hatred of white imperialism of his demented father and has therefore schooled himself in the hateful philosophies of marxism and fascism in order to impose a Third World supremacy over the political control of the USA. The United Nations will take over America and white people will be forced to pay sky-high taxes to pay for the oppressive police state of uppity negroes led by then President-for-Life Barack Obama, the uppitiest of them all. (Why, oh why, can't blacks be more like Korean variety-store owners??? Imagine how peaceable a kingdom the USA could be if only!)

In the face of Obama's vile critics and the bullshit scandals they invent around him, liberal Obamabots have circled the wagons and made themselves immune to any genuine, deserved criticisms of their hero. Obama is a Democrat! Democrats are not Repugnicans, therefore infallible. Obama is the first black president therefore a triumph and an icon. Obama is composed and classy and therefore morally impeccable.

But Obama has prosecuted twice as many government whistleblowers as all previous presidents combined.

Obama murders innocent people in countries that the USA isn't even at war with. (Pakistan and Yemen.)

Obama expanded the war in Afghanistan and thereby presided over a lawless campaign of rape, torture and murder.

Obama sought to prolong the criminal US occupation of Iraq beyond the deadline negotiated by bush II.

Obama has coddled Wall Street criminals and filled his cabinet with them.

Obama lectures black Americans to be more self-reliant and personally responsible.

Obama has presided over the torture of whistle-blower Bradley Manning.

Obama is, in short, one of the vilest, murderous, hypocritical, treasonous, criminal presidents ever. He is a disaster on human rights and the rule of law. An absolute, inexcusable, disaster.

But Obamabots stand by their man and resent it when you point out their appalling stupidity. When Medea Benjamin stood up and yelled at his mewling, hypocritical, revolting garbage at the press conference where Obama babbled incoherently trying to justify his inhuman rights policies, Obamabots swooned when he lectured Benjamin about her need to give him a chance to answer her questions. "Oh! He's so polite! Even when she was so rude!"

What utter insanity.

If you are an Obamabot, please, please, pull your head out of your ass. There is no justification for such stupidity and ignorance!!

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