Thursday, May 30, 2013

Keeping Up With The Thwapmeister General

I said that I'd take a break from online "activism" but yet, still I blog. It's because I'm an egotistical narcissist. Also, ... I'd say my blogging has been reduced. Also, I'd say that it's much more slap-dash. (I often don't bother to put in hyperlinks to stories. Look it up yerselves if you don't know already, is my attitude.) Plus, there's a lot less passion in the way I write. Not so much outrage. More contempt.

I also understand that some people don't blog because they want everything to be perfect before they publish something and don't have the time for that. But they like to read like-minded analysis or else they go crazy listening to "fair and balanced" sources that take a pathological liar like stephen harper at his word.

That's it I guess.


Owen Gray said...

It's not easy to blog regularly in current circumstances, thwap.

900ft Jesus said...

Someone told me they don't write letters to their CPC MP because he won't do anything, but I don't believe that's reason not to write. Not stating our objections allows the pricks to say everyone must be ok with the crap because no one is complaining.

So I'm glad you will keep posting. Even stating the obvious matters, even the screaming into opposing winds matters.

And I hope you never become polite with those who deserve only scorn and contempt. Thanks. - 900ft j

thwap said...


Now would be a fun time. If you thought your blogging would do any good

900ft Jesus,

I do think that as individuals, MPs are influenced by an avalanche of angry mail.

And, if we're only a mutual support community, that's still something.

Beijing York said...

Free mutual support communities without resorting to religion or 9 steps is very fine by me :-)

thwap said...

Amen to that Beijing York!