Wednesday, May 15, 2013

This Country is Fucked

This whole fucking world actually. This whole fucking human race is doomed. The greed-heads aren't going to be torn to pieces by the ravenous hordes. The ravenous hordes will tear each other to pieces. The biggest greed-heads will survive in their isolated fortresses, and congratulate themselves on their inherited wealth and their prescience at having survived the calamities they brought upon us all.

What happened with the corrupt, duplicitous BC Liberals? They won a majority? Why? 50% of the electorate too "smart" to bother voting? Green-NDP vote-splitting? Whatever. Here comes the pipeline, protected by all the resources the federal government, the Alberta government, and the British Columbia government can muster. (Which will obviously include the murderous RCMP and the nefarious agents of CSIS.)

So, ... dig, I go to an event last night. Rick Salutin and Steven Shrybman (the lawyer representing the Council of Canadians' challenge to six election results over election fraud) about "taking back our democracy." Shrybman gave a nice presentation about the case that filled in some blanks for me. But, obviously, taking away six seats from an 11 seat majority isn't going to change anything. Even if it succeeds, a majority is a majority is a majority.

It was up to Rick Salutin to tell us how exactly Canadians can "take back their democracy." So the old hippy gets up there and starts babbling about how elections are ridiculous, proportional representation is a dead-end, political parties are anti-democratic and democracy is just people in a circle having a conversation.

Far-out man.

So, if we had an entirely different world, it would be better than this one? Is that it?

Barack Obama continues to defend Wall Street CRIMINALS, he continues to MURDER people around the world, ... and any opposition appears to be coming mostly from insane, hypocritical deluded "libertarians" and whatever the fuck they are Repugnicans.

The Canadian opposition parties continue to treat the harpercons as just another rival party, no different, no more contemptuous of Canadian democracy than any of the others.

Rob Ford will be re-elected in Toronto and stephen harper will win another majority.

The left will respond by having a protest somewhere, some afternoon, at the indulgence of the police. Leftist men will respond to their powerlessness by raping a few female comrades.

And of course, the planet will start to burn in the next couple of years.

I'm feeling another bout of Miley Fever coming on!

Whatever's going on between Miley and Liam, I hope they both find happiness!!!!

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