Friday, May 24, 2013

This Day In The Debasement of Canadian Democracy

Our top story: A federal judge ruled yesterday that fraud definitely occurred in the six riding elections where the results were challenged citizens supported by the Council of Canadians. The judge also ruled that the fraud and voter suppression was almost definitely carried out with the harpercon party's CIMS voter database. The judge did not, however, assign guilt for the fraud to anyone. Nor did the judge overturn the six election results.

harpercon scum and their scuzzball loyalists are claiming that they have been vindicated.

Add this to the treasonous Supreme Court of Canada ruling on Etobicoke-Centre, wherein the majority on the court ruled that votes in excess of the number of voters must be presumed as legitimate and that deliberate fraud must be proven before they can be overturned, we can basically say that the Judiciary in Canada has just shit its pants and disgraced itself.

Perhaps if the CoC's case had been heard before the challenge to Etobicoke-Centre, the corrupted Justices in the majority would have been forced to mitigate their asinine reasoning by accepting the reality that the 2011 federal election was rife with unprecedented fraud and vote-suppression efforts.

Following that: Senator Mike Duffy, who is a resident of Ontario, but who unconstitutionally represents PEI in the Senate, and who fraudulently billed the taxpayers for both the costs of his Ontario home (as if his cottage in PEI is his primary residence) and for his expenses on the road campaigning for the Conservative Party of Canada (as if that was his Senate work), and who was ordered to pay back $90,000 of fraudulently obtained taxpayers' money, but who was bailed-out by the Prime Minister's Chief of Staff (for reasons unknown), and who then neglected to report this gift, and who is now sitting as the "independent" Senator for PEI, is now calling for a public inquiry so that the people of Canada can hear the whole story. (He himself, instead of telling reporters the whole story, chose to hide in restaurant kitchens and is now holed-up in his PEI cottage, making it, for the first time, his primary residence.)

Finally: Rob Ford, the mayor of Canada's largest city, is embattled by recent allegations that he has been video-recorded smoking goddamned crack cocaine with gangsters. I will add that the goddamned gangsters who the mayor is allegedly smoking goddamned crack cocaine with are Somalian, because the goddamned mayor who allegedly is on video smoking goddamned crack cocaine with them was always going on about "deporting" the goddamned drug dealers who were bringing violence and death to Toronto neighbourhoods, including the downtown shopping district.

Normally, when told that the mayor of a major city, a "world class city" has been found smoking crack, the response of most of the general public would be something like: "I don't believe it!" In the case of Rob Ford however, the response has been: "Oh my god! Really???"

Toronto is now an international laughing stock. I must admit that I'm laughing too. It's comedy gold. It's entertaining. That having been said, politics and government shouldn't be entertaining in this day-and-age. It should either be inspiring (as is the case when traditional injustices are overcome by hard work, dedication and idealism) or boring (as when intelligent, honest people respectfully disagree as to which necessary thing gets priority and which necessary things get attended to in a reasonable amount of time).

A city like Toronto shouldn't be sitting on the edge waiting to find out if their drunken, absentee mayor has actually been smoking crack with the reviled gangsters.

Anyhoo, Mayor Ford just fired his Chief of Staff for his having told him that he needs to get help. Mark Towhey was actually escorted out of the building by security.

Speculation: Mayor Rob Ford is the hardest-working mayor Toronto has ever had. He's held the line on spending, including intimidating the unions into settling contract negotiations on taxpayer-friendly terms, and he's privatized city garbage collection west of Yonge Street (though whether the latter achievement is of any great benefit hasn't been established yet). These drug-dealers (who have gone to ground) have a fake video and the three journalists who saw it have only been duped. Rob Ford is a simple man. He has said the video allegations are "ridiculous" and untrue. He genuinely wonders how many times he's supposed to go in front of a camera and repeat the same thing to these scandal-mongering media parasites. Sure he drinks to excess on occasion. He isn't perfect. But he cares. HE IS THE HARDEST WORKING MAYOR TORONTO HAS EVER HAD!!!!!

All that having been said; why was the response of his chief of staff, ... a man who should know that Ford is busy 18 hours a day working for his constituents, when told of this ridiculous video slander, to tell Ford to go to rehab? What? If somebody, somewhere told him that Rob Ford was trafficking in sex workers, would Towhey report him to the RCMP???

Or is it the case that the allegations are true? And that the mayor's office is starting to seem more and more like the bunker scene in the film "Downfall"? (Especially as the Gawker crowd-sourcing fundraiser gets closer to the magical $200,000 that the gangsters are asking for the video?)

Even more speculation: The video allegations are true and the gangsters first tried to extort Ford, and went to the media afterwards. The video allegations are true and Rob Ford is hiding out and saying nothing, until Chief Bill Blair (who no doubt extracted a hefty price of future promises) has the Toronto Police Service out looking for these drug-dealers (one of whom was shot dead in a drive-by shooting since being photographed with Ford) and, when all the loose ends are cleared up, Ford will reappear, knowing that the crisis is truly behind him and he can go back to business as usual.


Fightfordemocracy said...

Your speculations in the last paragraph may well be spot on. There must have been an attempt to blackmail Ford - this doesn't make sense otherwise. Nor are the cops sitting around doing nothing, I suspect.

It is interesting that people seem to think of the video as some physical object stowed in some drawer. Surely there are clever hackers around who could electronically access this video and who would relish doing this as a challenge. Some one may have already done this.

thwap said...

Oh, if only!