Thursday, May 16, 2013

I Can't Blame KirbyCairo

Sick at heart of all the stupidity and evil being rewarded, Kirby Cairo has thrown in the towel when it comes to blogging. Joining Boris at the Galloping Beaver and Rural at Democracy Under Fire. Alison at Creekside took a hiatus from hopelessness not too long ago; perhaps with Christy Clark's surprise majority she'll take another pause. And I've been blogging lightly for a while myself. (At least it feels lighter. Like I don't care or something.)

Blogging is speaking out to the world, hoping that like minds will agree and that perhaps (if only in a small way) we can add to a collective cultural reality and somehow influence the broader culture.

Once in a while though, the bloggers that I like grow dispirited and depressed. They feel like they're swimming against the tide and their efforts are futile. Of course, you'll occasionally hear such emotions from bloggers you disagree with (mainly on the right) as well. As if nobody's happy.

Consider the plight of these fuck-ups: Their great white hope, stephen harper, refuses to immediately outlaw abortions. Homosexuals can get married and it's against the law for federal public servants to discriminate against them. Even worse: innocent children are told they can't bully homosexual schoolmates into suicide! It's politically correct insanity run amok!

Oh yeah, back to stephen harper ... the great betrayer ... ; he campaigned on small government, low taxes and balanced budgets, while racking-up the largest budget deficits in Canadian history!!!! What we obviously need is ruinous crushing austerity and plenty of it!

Meanwhile, "the corpse" [CBC] continues to thrive [in their fervid imaginations anyway] while Sun Media struggles for its life in the face of public apathy or antipathy. When, oh when, will Canadians be free to tune into Global, CTV and Sun News, free of encountering the Maoist collectivism of the state broadcaster?????

I suppose these shit-heads are also incensed that Arabs and/or Muslims can roam about our land freely, as if they're citizens or something, and document all our vital resources and our weak-points.

And don't get them started on the First Nations. (Please, for the love of Allah, don't get them started on their racist, childish, idiotic conspiracy theories.)

Yeah, occasionally these insane, inbred, ugly-minded simpletons feel like the mainstream is out of touch with them.

The important difference is that these pieces of shit are acting as a drag on our collective intelligence, with their self-evidently stupid yammerings being subsidized by greed-head manipulators who know that the longer idiots can fixate about teenage single mothers, the less time they'll have to connect two-and-two together and realize that single mothers on welfare aren't a politically powerful demographic and that they therefore can't have too much of an impact on the average Canadian's material well-being.

Canadians have to be reminded that the neo-liberal theories of the elites haven't done a good job once you factor-in all the younger Canadians forced to live with their parents decade after decade. Or once you consider the enormous rise in household debt levels and imagine what would have happened to economic growth over the past ten years without it. Or once you think about the rising tuition rates and delisted health care services. Add in the billions in G20 security, public safety funds lost, gas plant contracts torn up, crumbling infrastructure, ORNGE waste, outside consultants paid for in secret,$20 billion wasted in Afghanistan, etc., etc., ... All that money could have gone to real services for real social needs. And then there's the $100 billion to prop-up the economy as a result of the financial bubble implosion.

Piss on all those elitist scum-bag incompetents and thieves and their shit-for-brains chump supporters.


janfromthebruce said...

don't let the bastards get you down, but I so get it. Sometimes, I just turn away to save myself from the pain.

thwap said...

It's not so much the cretinous nature of our direct opponents; it's what their political success says about the collective intelligence of the human species.

Unless it's all systemic. Controlled and propagated by evil elites.

opit said...

"Unless it's all systemic"
I'll go further.
A narcokleptocracy is a society ruled by "thieves" involved in the trade of narcotics.A mafia state is any state system where the government is tied with organized crime, including when government officials, police, and/or military take part in illicit enterprises.
Which is why I am interested in stories where organized opposition to insane policies occurs.
Too bad we can't recognize such about native opposition to tar sands 'development'. I get most of my info on that from the US

thwap said...


There's some recognition of the nature of the First Nations' struggles in Canada. But those who write it that way don't have resources.